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nature at it's best, mumof2

Nature at it’s best!

Nature at it's best, mumof2

Nature at it’s best!

Nature at it’s best is very often all the time! Except when you are stuck in a hurricane, tornado etc etc. The watching of those is amazing but not being in the middle.

Well, this week, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing nature at it’s best!

nature at it's best, mumof2

Tree art from bits and bobs including a frame!

We pottered about Hatfield Forest today and foraged for some bits and bobs to make our natural art picture with frame. Our oldest son chose an Autumnal theme, probably because there were a few leaves on the ground and it was easier to go that route with sticks.

den building, mumof2, nature at it's best

A lovely den we discovered

We went between the red and orange routes around the forest and came upon this super den! We had just been building our own but this one caught the boys attention.

Nature at it's best, mumof2

The boys had more fun climbing on this log pile house! I don’t think they even thought of looking for the Gruffalo or even a snake! But they had a whale of a time climbing all over it. In fact they had given up on their own den building as this log castle was for the taking.

More importantly, they’ve had good ol fashioned outdoor fun! The weather hasn’t been what it was, but that hasn’t stopped us. We even went for a cycle around Thetford Forest and it was just so beautiful!

nature at it's best, mumof2

In fact it was so relaxing, that our youngest son decided he was going to park off and have a rest (as you do…in a forest on the side of a cycle track!)

We had just picked up his birthday bike  little early so that he could enjoy being out and about. Whilst he didn’t have to work as hard as with his old bike, the amount of times we had to stop to sort his gears out and get starting again probably mentally finished him lol!

What are you favourite bits of nature?
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flapjacks, mumof2, easy flapjacks

Easy Flapjacks Recipe

flapjacks, mumof2, easy flapjacks

Easy Flapjacks

Flapjacks (or gooey crunchies that are soft is another way of putting them) are delicious. Full stop!

But, not only do they taste delicious, they are an easy way to increase ways of getting our son to have an increase in energy without just filling him up with biscuits and sweets and chocolates!

He is a bit slower than I would like on eating his dinner and whilst he eats it all, he is so busy that he uses up all the goodness. So, I got in touch with a cereal company that we use in South Africa for my gran when she is ill and the only thing that really provides her with the nutrients and is easy to get in her is FutureLife. It can be taken in cereal or milkshake form.

I tried both of these versions with both our boys and they did not take to the texture at all. I even went as far as putting in real ice-cream for the milkshakes and nope…they didn’t like it.

Then I had a small brain wave as they love flapjacks. So, I decided to make a batch and replace some of the oats with the FutureLife cereal as it is packed with protein and energy. I am not fussed about losing some of the vitamins and minerals as I give the boys that in other forms.

Suffice to say, they didn’t notice that their latest flapjacks have hidden goodness in them and it’s a quick and easy snack on the run or just as an energy booster mid morning or mid afternoon.  The combination of the butter (loads of it!), oats and cereal pack a nice punch.

If you would like to check the easy flapjack recipe out…I’d love to hear how you get on or if you need any help. If I am completely honest, I don’t really measure anything out when I make it myself as sometimes I like them sweeter or less gooey or others I prefer them to be crunchy. So play about with the recipe until it suits how you like them.


**I have not been compensated for this post as I have bought the product myself and really think it is great! **

Magic Moments, mumof2

Magic Moments 25 Aug 2014

Magic Moments, mumof2

Magic Moments during Harvest Time!

First things first, I am not wishing our English Summer away at all! However, I do love this time of year when the crops have done all the growing they possibly can and the farmers are busy harvesting them.

The hive of activity around us at the moment, can at times be a little much when it is at 2am and then I have a word with myself and think it’s not all year round and 90% of the time we have such a nice quiet peaceful time.

Whilst it has been a bit on the chilly side for me, most evenings, we’ve had the most stunning sunsets and the best part was when the  combine harvester had been, we popped into the fields to look at the patterns and watch the sun catch the hay bales whilst setting.

It’s been a time to just be and appreciate our surroundings for what they are.

That said, could we please have some of our Summer back!



skateboarding, mumof2

Learning the art of skateboarding

skateboarding, mumof2

Skateboarding – it looks so easy doesn’t it?

Our eldest son decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to learn the art of skateboarding. He had seen the pro’s make it look so easy on the tv and he decided that it looked fun too. I mean how hard can it be to propel yourself at such speeds with what appears to be little or not effort?

I was happy for him to get one on the basis that he can do it when his dad is about. We originally started off with pushing him along to get the feel of the balance and the steering. Whilst it’s like a scooter…it’s not.  I could see myself being the engine and pushing him around the entire village, whilst looking after our other son whizzing about on his scooter and our 2 dogs.

We also haven’t pushed him to do it (except when he is getting frustrated and we are on the opposite end of the village to our house and he either carries it home himself or valiantly continues skateboarding home!) The boys are given an option of scooters or bikes if we are heading out and then every now and then, our eldest son asks if he can take his skateboard out.

skateboarding, mumof2

We’re really lucky in that our little village doesn’t have any through traffic and is set in the shape of a square. So, most of the time you can take up the whole road in the knowledge that the majority of people coming through it are coming or going from home. We also generally tend to have the boys in high vis vests and believe me, these have come in handy on more than one occasion.  Generally, folks tend to slow right down if they see them.

Last weekend, with a break in the sudden onslaught of rain and wind, we took the opportunity to get some fresh air and he asked if he could go skateboarding. There are a couple of gentle slopes where you can use gravity to do most of the work. He is able to gently push himself along and it’s a slow process to build up speed from his own leg pushes, but he does really well on the hills. He’s learnt the art of jumping off and running to avoid a fall now and can turn left and right and go around the corners.

It will be great when he has the power to full speed along and not have to concentrate too much on all the aspects of skateboarding and enjoy the view. What is lovely is that he is enjoying it at his own pace.
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pigeon pair, dad, boys, simple fun, mumof2. mum of 2, beach, #50things, pigeon pair

Pigeon Pair – is it the bee all and end all?

mumof2, pigeon pair
Waterfight…here we come!

 Pigeon Pairs – are they the bee all and end all?


I wrote a post a while ago on pigeon pairs  - check it out to give some clarity on my thought processes.

I’m a boy mom and love the title and all that goes with it.  Our boys are now 8 and practically 6 and we have such a great time doing loads of boy (and girl!)stuff. Yes, I am the only girl in our house and give most things a go.

I know for a fact, that their are loads of girl dad’s who are in the same boat and wouldn’t change their world. They too find themselves doing girl (and boy) stuff and love the time and memories they have with daughters.

So,  when I am still asked whether we are going to ‘try for a girl’ or I hear people saying ‘ooo! a perfect pigeon pair’ when someone has a baby that is the opposite sex to the child they currently have, I have to turn and walk away.

There is no point in trying to explain that a healthy baby is the most important thing of the entire family creation process and that whilst it’s human nature to label everything and anything, a ‘perfect’ pigeon pair to some is not what every parent thinks of as perfection.

I have mentioned our boys age, and so I can sort of see when they were toddlers, that the question of having more children may have been a bit more ‘acceptable’ to ask. But…asking me about it now, means one of 2 things :

      1. Maybe, we have been trying to have another baby and not been successful (this is NOT the case!!)
      2. We’re happy with our family the way we are and don’t need to explain that principle (this IS the case!!)

Just to be clear, we are not doing number 1, but what happens if whoever asks someone who is in that situation? How thoughtless!

The flip side of all of this nonsense talk is that there are loads of people who would give their right arm for just a child…1! You just have to look at the latest news with the Australian/Thai surrogacy items.

I think you are blessed with what you are blessed with. One thing I am going to carry on doing, is making sure that when someone asks me ‘Oh, you have 2 boys. Are you going to try for a girl?’ and it’s in front of our boys, is to remain calm and give them the honest answer of ‘No, we’re super happy with our boys and wouldn’t change a thing!’


handle with care, mumof2

Handle with care

handle with care, mumof2

Handle with care!

Our boys seem to have fallen in love with their travel pillows and insist on sleeping with them. I found our youngest one fast asleep with his gazillion toys and his handle with care pillow and it made me stop and think.

We’ve been really busy with loads of outdoor activities and adventures this summer. In fact, that is no change from any standard weekend and whilst I am thinking of it, a standard school week too!

The boys have been at a tennis camp this week, with the youngest going for 45 mins in the morning and the oldest for 3 hours in the afternoon (yes…3 hours and apparently that is still not enough according to him!)

Our youngest son has insisted on staying on to watch the older children for their 3 hours and then afterwards we have had a run around our local heath and flown kites. He is really good at sending his own kite to the skies and then casually lying down on the ground to watch it whilst he is flying it.

But, in all of the action, he has had a cough for a few weeks. Not one that keeps him awake at night but when he does cough it hasn’t sounded brilliant (what cough does!) So, I decided to get it checked out as he had had enough time to get rid of it. I also knew that the doc would listen and say it’s all clear when I know that it really isn’t.

We went to tennis and straight from there to the Docs and sure enough, we were told his chest was clear (surprise surprise as it wasn’t our usual Dr who knows our boys so well) but I had also mentioned that I was concerned about his ears.

Sure enough, the doc  checked one out and it was fine but the other ear was red. Very red. I asked our youngest if his ear was sore at all and he said ‘No’. So we thanked the Doc and went to get the antibiotics.

This is the part where the ‘handle with care’ made me think. Ear infections are pretty sore and so we have been playing tennis, cycling, bouncing, discovering and he hasn’t complained once of his cough nor his ear. He has a super high pain threshold and of course doesn’t want to miss out on anything, yet he clearly must have been feeling under the weather.

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Magic Moments, mumof2, WW! Centenary

Turning to the skies


Magic Moments, mumof2, WW1 Centenary, turning to the skies Turning to the skies!

This week, we seem to have a bit of a turning to the skies theme. If you know our household, it’s a busy one! This holiday we hadn’t planned anything specific as the run up to the end of the school year was a bit manic.

It all started with a last minute trip to IWM Duxford as the weather was superb. Interestingly enough, we went on the Centenary Day for the start of WW1 and there was loads to do. The part I love is that the boys were colouring a picture in front of a Eurofighter Typhoon jet (as you do!) and then we had ice-creams in front of the Lancaster Bomber (again…as you do!) I am hoping in years to come that they will realise how special that is and treasure those memories.

We had also been to the local Kite Festival where we watched the displays to music and the boys flew their own kites too. It’s a great day out and thankfully the wind and weather were kind to everyone.

turning to the skies, mumof2

They also met up with the local fire brigade and got to sit in the fire engine. This was great as the boys were worried earlier in the week when we spotted a large fire across the field from us.

turning to the skies, mumof2, fire, smoke

We had seen (and heard) the fire engine en route and were glad to see the smoke change from black to grey. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it was some farm outbuildings. The fire fighters let the boys put on their helmets and chatted with them when the boyshad asked questions about it and the boys told them that they were glad to see them as they were worried when they saw the smoke across the field.

So, it’s been a week of turning to the skies as they have certainly brought much excitement.

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