Christmas in October

I am usually a procrastinate to the last minute kind of person – must be the adrenalin rush of racing about to get everything done. So this year, I had noticed a friend of mine had booked her Christmas grocery delivery slot at the end of October. I honestly thought it was a bit early to be doing it and then the nagging suspicion was that there was most likely a reason for it. So 2 days later, yes a WHOLE 2 days later, I thought ‘well it wouldn’t hurt to just go online and book a slot with maybe something in the shopping basket’. Shock horror! I could not get a delivery slot for the Christmas week and when I booked a slot for the week before Christmas, it would not allow me to add anything from the Christmas range to said slot!

Horror and then shock that the grocery company was dictating to me that it was ‘too early’ to buy Christmas goodies that could have gone in the freezer when they have already had all their Christmas week delivery slots taken. Pah! So I thought indignantly, well, I’ll just to go a different company then only to be met with no bookings in December. I could order for October and November but nothing in December.

Serves me right for trying to be a little organised and mess with the Christmas spirit! December it will all have to be and maybe, just maybe, I may even put a reminder on my phone to see if I can get a delivery slot instead of fighting my way 3 rows deep to get to the chocolate!