Learning the ropes…version 2

You may or may not have read my learning the rope blog post (I have added the link in case you wanted a refresher).  I thought it may be nice to let you know that www.mumof2.com is a while month old! Bring on the candles and cakes!

I have a buzzing brain and a new addiction, which is actually helping my chocolate addiction I should add. Anyone with Toblerone or KitKat chunky shares…apologies for the fall in profits this month. I am still toying with the idea of changing the look of my blog and am now trying to incorporate a lot of the advice and tips I have seen and read. One little step at a time is my new motto.

Having never been on twitter before nor created a new facebook page or using WordPress, I am kind of pleased that I haven’t made any great big mistakes and crashed all forms of communication in linking them together. It has opened a whole new world and I am loving learning all the new things that go with being a blogger. Sort of like being a new parent where you bumble along and figure out what works and what doesn’t. I can say that I am trying to figure out the twitter etiquette (note to self – maybe buy a book on this!). There are some amazing, helpful people out there who have been very patient with me or who have just given advice out of the goodness of their hearts.  My confidence is growing slowly although my addiction is growing at a faster pace.

I can say for our first month we have  had :

Visits: 139
Unique Visitors: 79
Pageviews: 380

Don’t worry – I don’t have any specific information on who has visited etc!!! I just wanted to thank all of you who have visited, commented and been really supportive. The numbers may seem very small to some, but for a new blogger I don’t think they are too shabby.

If there is anything you particularly liked, feel free to comment and if there is something I haven’t covered and you would like me to guest blog  – please let me know either by twitter or my facebook page