Tea making skills require more work

It’s weird – when I was little and right up into my teens – I only drank tea. I loved the smell of coffee but was a tea drinker through and through. I then had a gap year aupairing in Holland and discovered coffee there. Coffee in Holland/Nederland is an occasion. It’s not something you rush together and drink as fast as humanly possible without burning yourself.

Anyway, so along the way I have slowly become more of a coffee drinker and in all fairness it was since having the boys and I required the caffeine to keep me going from the moment I woke up. So, with the builders we have on site, it is a very good way of finding out how things are going by doing the tea runs. My tea making apparently requires more work. It is not strong enough for the teaspoon to hold itself standing up in the middle of the cup! Some days it’s great and others(I can see by the builder’s looks) it merely passes for a cuppa.

Yesterday and today, I resorted to making cakes in the hopes it would help disguise my tea debacle but even then I still have tricky customers. The electrician doesn’t drink hot drinks at all, so thankfully squash is ok but also doesn’t like anything chocolately and in fact would prefer a Bailey’s cheesecake – I have told him that alchohol and building are probably not a good mix.

I did try and leave the tea/coffee making items for them to make their own – and they weren’t touched (plus I didn’t have an excuse to go and inspect…not a clever move when you hear swearing and there hasn’t been swearing since the get go). We shall see how tomorrow goes…