The simple things

The boys waiting to see whose stick came out first, simple fun, mumof2
The boys waiting to see whose stick came out first

I am not a creative person and wish I could be more imaginative yet I love how there are so many simple things do to that don’t require much more than a little imagination and effort.

Our boys love :

  • Playing pooh sticks (the game from Winnie the Pooh) where you race twigs/sticks on a stream, river,canal
  • Climbing trees when we find some on walks that are easy for them to climb
  • Collecting sticks (yes random I know) – I have had to relegate their stick collection to the garage or garden. We’re still trying to figure out if they can ‘regrow’ their sticks on trees by throwing them back into the tree…
  • Flying kites or kite wars. Kite wars is not my favourite of the two as it usually means me running over and trying to stop the kite line from being cut by the warring kites
  • Riding their bikes/scooters
  • Playing marbles
  • Running up and down our passage way and sliding near the end (it’s a boy thing!)
  • Playing hide and seek (in and out the house)
  • Puddle jumping
  • Waving at trains (they could do this for hours…not sure if I have train spotters in the making)

The list goes on – but it’s lovely to see that so many simple things provide so much pleasure and at times it’s hours. And so what if they get a bit muddy – there’s nothing that a nice warm bath and a cup of hot chocolate won’t fix.

11 thoughts on “The simple things”

  1. Loving this post. Lucas also likes sliding……….. but normally on his knees………. in his school trousers!!! It really is the simple things. My dad has introduced L to pooh sticks and we often have to set out in search of them when they go on one of their walks – great post #letkidsbekids

    1. Funny you should mention the kite wars!! We have had a couple of those and someone running like mad to either untangle the kites or retrieving the kite that was cut lol! x

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