Am I on another planet?

Flying Long haul

I am all for mums supporting one another and think we give each other a hard time more often than not but (yes there is a but!)…some times we honestly deserve it!  Controversial statement I know but here comes an exampe that makes me feel all sorts of angry!

The other day my husband flew over to join the boys and I on our holiday. He isn’t the type to comment on things but he said that there were 2 mums that boarded his 11 hour flight with a child each who were about 8-10 years old. He couldn’t believe it when the mums left their children to sit next to each other on 2 seats and went to sit together about 20 rows behind – as in NOWHERE NEAR their children.

The one child asked for their mom on take off but the air hostess didn’t know who they were and on landing the one child was sick and a kind 20-something-year-old man, who had nothing to do with these children, helped the child.

Some may say that the mums were very clever in how they managed to get their children looked after by complete strangers. I, on the other hand, was appalled at the story! Who does that?!?!?! or am I on another planet?

4 thoughts on “Am I on another planet?”

  1. It’s the kind of thing I would joke about doing, but never actually do! Sad really, I like to spend time with my kids on holiday – part of what makes it fun

  2. I hear of other peoples getaways and how they enjoyed meals together sans enfants and a few drinks or child-free downtime, and while it sounds like heaven – a chance to be two individuals again instead of Mummy and Daddy – Madeline McCann always comes to mind and I resolve to enjoy EVERY minute with my children while I can. There’ll be plenty of time to reclaim my individuality later…

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