People watching on the train

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I am currently sitting on a train heading back home after a pitstop trip to London to fetch our son’s passport and thinking I can see why people train hop. It’s peaceful (usually), warm (usually) and there aren’t many children onboard. Oh, and you can’t really do much except sit (or if you are unlucky stand) and watch the world to by, stare at strangers, sleep or force people to listen to your overly loud music blaring from your headphones.( thankfully today I like the song whoever is playing so shall not sigh and stare at them to turn their music down).

I am also in between admiration and shock at people who put their make up on in front of strangers, with a wobbly train/ tube and NOT manage to poke their eye out with their eye-liner or choke on their lip-liner. I would love to secret film them pulling funny faces whilst checking pimples and other things or pulling their eye-brows out with tweezers.

I have tried to sneak a peak as to whether others are watching the performance but not brave enough to stare long enough as I don’t want to catch their eye in case I become to new ‘let’s stare at her victim’. I have to say this is not only women but I have seen some men do it too.

Sorry, back to my original thought process. Yes, the train. I am starting to think I should make it a weekly habit as it will aid and abet my procrastination of housework duties and mean I can legitimately state I have somewhere else to be. It also means like today, that I’ll increase my exercise from just walking to either power walking or running. I seemed to do that a lot today although missed each of my fast trains by 1min.

In fact am making a mental note to myself, should organise a race of sorts to see who can complete a journey in the fastest time by rail/tube with power walking or running. I haven’t worked in the city for a number of years and yep, everyone walks so fast!

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  1. so with you on this….I find a train journey fascinating! Not sure how people put make up on on the train, I think it’s a very personal thing isn’t it? And how people put it on whilst driving, I’ll never know – just get up 5 minutes earlier!

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