Never under estimate the mind of a 7 year old

moneyEver had it where half way through a conversation with someone you begin to ponder the origin of the conversation? I shall give you an example :

Son : Mom, do you think if we do something nice you could pay us?
Mom : (whilst concentrating on driving and brain suddenly in over drive) Err, well – I am not so sure on that. I don’t think you should pay someone to be nice – we should do kind things for people because we want to not because we will get money for it.

Son : Yes, but if we do something nice?
Mom : Are you meaning like pocket money? (where on earth is this coming from?!?!?!)

Son : No
Mom : Ok, well, I am not comfortable with paying someone to be nice. Would you like it if you found out your friends were only being nice to you because someone was giving them money to be nice?
Son : No – I wouldn’t

Mom : But I think you may be right about starting to get pocket money. I’ll chat to Dad and see what he says.  (brain trying to figure out amount). I think possibly 50 pence per week but will need to check with Dad.
Son : Ok – I think 20 pence is enough
Mom : Are you sure you want 20 pence? It is a lot less than 50 pence!
Son : Yes, I am sure. Oh and if you chat to Dad and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea – that’s also fine with me.

Mom : Ok – I’ll chat with Dad. What made you ask about the money?
Son : Oh, I was watching Charlie and Lola and Lola emptied her piggy bank to give her money to Charlie to help him buy something and Charlie said that was very nice of her to help him.

Mom : (bring on the pangs of guilt! should have asked the question up front!)

I love the maturity in the responses to how much potential pocket money and that if it was a no from dad that he would have been fine with it! I also love when I checked that he was sure 20 pence was a lot less – he didn’t go for the larger amount.





22 thoughts on “Never under estimate the mind of a 7 year old”

  1. That is so sweet! What a thoughtful little boy. (My daughter is 7 and gets £3 a week. All my kids had £2 a week from age 4, but since my eldest is now 12, I put it up a few months back. Eldest gets £4 a week, 9yo and 7yo get £3 a week.)

    1. Thanks Sarah – it’s so tricky on the amount and we decided to go with the 50p so that they can at least buy a chocolate / sweet if they choose to spend it or they can save it. will see how it goes. At the moment – they appear to be ecstatic with the fact they each have a wallet and it has their own money in it! we’ll see how it goes x

  2. Oh that is lovely and I think it shows what a positive influence tv can have. Funny enough my middle 2 have been talking money all day. ds2 wants to spend his birthday money on a birthday cake for ds3 – his birthday is October lol.

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