Product Review : Mighty Lights from Walkers

mumof2_walkers_mightylights_4, mighty lightThis morning I heard the postman drive into our drive (there’s not escaping anyone who thinks they can sneak up on us as the shingle gives the game away!) and I wasn’t expecting the loud knock on the door for a parcel delivery…well I was but thought it was some shoes I had ordered.  With it being school holidays and taking things a little slower – I raced downstairs to the door to catch him . To my surprise it was ….


mumof2_walkers_mightylights_1a box from the bunch over at Walkers filled with 3 new flavours of ridged crisps. ( I am secretly relieved as I was expecting them at some point and thought there was no ways the shoes could have arrived so early as I only ordered them the evening before!)

And a more perfect timing they couldn’t have been – as we were going on a lovely unplanned walk with some friends and having a picnic half way. So I was even more pleased that I had goodies to add to our lunch boxes.


After enjoying our walk through the woods, we stopped to refuel and as we had a few packs – we shared with our friends and their children and this was our verdict :

  • They all said they were delicious – there was a flavour for everyone (roast chicken, lightly salted, cheese and onion). I never heard any of the children moan that there wasn’t one for them or that they didn’t like them. In fact, one of the mums who usually doesn’t eat crisps was tempted to try them and noted that there was no scrimping on the flavour as they were jam packed with it (and then went to ‘try’ another one, two, three….a whole packet later!)
  • mumof2_walkers_mightylights_5They didn’t find the crisp as harsh on the mouth as it didn’t cut the roof of their mouths. As the Mighty Lights weren’t as hard as ‘normal’ crisps – they didn’t seem to hurt if they went in the wrong way.
  • We would all look to buy them for our children either for snacks after school or to put in their lunch boxes or car journeys. Apart from the fact that they taste great – they are lower in fat than a standard potato crisp. They liked the fact that they were lighter as in they felt lighter in their mouths and were also going to be lighter on the hips (well for the mums at least!). According to our weight watchers app a bag is only 3 points versus the usual 5 points! Bonus!!!
  • I, personally, like the no MSG part. My mum has an MSG (mono sodium glutimate) allergy and her allergic reaction is not fun (for her or anyone witnessing it!). So it’s great to know I can have a snack ready with no wobbles.
  • And finally – the kids loved them!! They gobbled their packet up in minutes and were asking for more!

So – it would appear that Walkers has added another dilemma in our household when we head down the crisp aisle! For some more  info check out the walkers mighty lights website





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