An interesting wrinkle


Every now and then I hear a word or saying and think ‘hmm – I quite like the sound of that’ or ‘that rings true for me’ and I quickly type it up on a notepad and just keep it there for a while. Then somewhere along the line I forget that I have written it down but happen across it either when doing a rare tidy up or clear out of files.

I heard the term ‘interesting wrinkle’ somewhere along the line in the last couple of months and wish I can remember the context and where. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as I love the positive spin it puts on growing older (and in theory growing wiser).

We all try and stay as young as possible and when the wrinkles start appearing, we look to anti-aging creams (or in some cases face lifts or other drastic measures) to try and slow their success in remaining on our skin. But – each of those wrinkles tells a story -sometimes happy and sometimes sad – and with each story there is a lesson.

I remember somewhere someone saying ‘Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes when you learn from your mistakes’







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12 thoughts on “An interesting wrinkle”

  1. I remember meeting a beautiful lady from Canada who had the most glorious wrinkles. Every line on her face spoke of joy and patience! You could see just from looking at her that she had been and was a lovely lady. When I told her I thought she was beautiful she was quite taken aback!

  2. What an interesting post. I can picture a lady I know who is in her 90’s and has the most beautiful wrinkles on her face. She is so kind and giving and I can only aspire to be like her. Lovely post xx

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