Mumof2_5things_badgeThis week’s #5 things from Mumof2 :

  1. Coconuts kill more people each year than sharks do. Apparently, around about 150 people are killed by coconuts each year.
  2. I somehow managed to hit the triple zero club this week on twitter…thank you to everyone who followed.
  3. I miss running to the window every time the windows started rattling and you could hear that the Concorde was about to fly by. It was a sad day when they were all retired.
  4. Vanilla paste is the latest craze in my baking cupboard. A friend recommended it the other week and I just love it. Think I may favour it over the extract at the moment.
  5. I am going to give planking a go – I reckoned if I wrote it down here….then I am going to have to stick to it and properly give it a try. Check back as I am sure I will end up blogging about the experience (good or bad!)

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