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Mumof2, mum of 2, autumn, family timeI have previously mentioned how much I love Autumn and this week’s #magicmomentscontinues with the Autumnal theme and family time.

We have been pretty busy this weekemd clearing away the trampoline and putting it in the loft. We can’t keep it out for the winter as there is a field in front of us and so when the winds pick up, our house is the first to get the onslaught. The pigeons also like to roost in the tree above the trampoline and so any random spurt of ‘let’s go on the trampoline’ has to be delayed by at least 15mins clearing all their mess away. And finally – we would end up with a massive block of ice when the snow arrives.

So trampoline in the loft, garden furniture tucked away and covered, grass has been sown in a couple of patches and we did some clearing at school in between.

The parts I absolutely loved in all this were the boys having simple fun. They couldn’t wait to get into the loft. So I helped them up the loft ladder and it was like a treasure chest to them. I even turned the light out (with their permission of course!) so that they could see how dark it is. Although the light in the passage was still on with the loft hatch open.

We gave them rides on the wheel barrow and and they had fun on their bikes in the puddles. They even went so far as exploring and clearing out our friends pond (sorry friends!) but the look of joy on their faces that they had done it was a picture.

After all our jobs had been done – we ordered in a a pizza and watched a movie. Lovely family time.



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  1. What a lovely chilled out day, autumn always brings out very mixed feelings in me! Can identify with the pigeon issue. We moved to countryside recently and the only difference is we now have wood pigeon poop instead of the usual variety! Not sure whether to mention going into the loft (relatively) soon for Christmnas decs may be another “marker”!
    sarahhillwheelers recently posted…The power of trifleMy Profile

    1. I have wondered whether we are being silly by putting it away during the winter but after having to rush out whilst the builders were here last year and getting them to help me tie it down as it was blowing away in the wind…I am not wondering any more. Hope you are enjoying being in the country
      side…we love it! x

  2. Hello there! Such a lovely blog. I love the autumn too and have been telling my little boy that it’s when the leaves fall from the trees. We have been collecting conkers and just waiting for a dry day to pick up some leaves! So glad you had a nice day, and look forward to reading more! x
    Lystra Maisey recently posted…Chapter 21-Mother’s Little HelperMy Profile

    1. I have yet to go conker collecting with the boys Lystra – shocking to admit I know…but probably more because I didn’t grow up with conkers and the one time we discovered Horse chestnuts and ate them…we were really ill!

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