iTune you – it’s time to think Christmas (apparently!)

Mumof2, Christmas decoration

My supportive husband decided that my antiquated little CD player that I have in the lounge needed some replacing, as half of our music is now on itunes (which personally I don’t mind!). So for my birthday he spoilt me with a docking station thingy that charges my phone whilst the music plays on itunes.

The boys have been loving the fact that they can listen to their songs at home now as usually it’s in the car through the radio. I have to say I am quite enjoying it too except…I have only 1 playlist and it appears that it contains BoneyM, Cliff Richard and Frank Sinatra in amongst a few others who were on a couple of Christmas itunes albums I bought last year.

Just when I am really enjoying the songs playing (clearly because I picked them!), I am suddenly hit with ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart’ and ‘Drummer Boy’ – so it’s a mad dash to hit the forward button until we get back to more appropriate stuff.

I love Christmas music when shopping and often find myself humming along in the aisles suddenly wondering how many people heard me! But…I really do need to figure out the playlist and what should be moved to a Christmas rather than my general playlist.

So I reconed my iTunes list was trying to tell me something…