Leaves and loads of simple fun – love Autumn

AutumnalFun_mumof2_3, leaves, fun, mumof2Leaves….yes they can be a pain in the neck when it comes to travelling by train or raking up the garden before you can mow the lawn. Yet, they are also so beautiful when they change colour and can provide loads of entertaintment (for free!!!)


AutumnalFun_mumof2, leaves, fun, mumof2

This recent half term holiday, I decided that we were going to stay at home and just be. Iwas happy for the boys to watch tv, play on the wii or whatever took their fancy. The main thing was that we weren’t going to be rushing around in a car going all over the place.

What we did do, was go out for a bike ride or scoot to get some fresh air (and to check on the school chickens). The boys had a blast through any puddles (naturally) but their favourite spot was the point in the road where the leaves gathered.

AutumnalFun_mumof2_2, leaves, fun, mumof2

They figured out that they could do ‘drifting’ on their scooters, hide their scooters under the leaves and best of all – fling leaves at each other!! I loved just watching them and getting the odd bunch of leaves being flung my way in between watching out for cars.

Anyone who drove or walked by, couldn’t help but smile. It was infectious and this is what made if even more special. You could see the memories it was bringing back for them and also just watching children being children.

We went back to this spot at least 3 days running and the boys never seemed to tire of it. What they also loved was me taking photo’s of each of their stunts and then coming back after each one to see their action shots.

So, a great half term and for that reason, the leaves provided our #magicmoment for this week.


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30 thoughts on “Leaves and loads of simple fun – love Autumn”

  1. Love the colours in the photos! That’s one of the reasons why I love Autumn, the golden colours of the leaves… and it’s fun too to play with, as seen on your photos… and stepping on them… Must go scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! 🙂 #CountryKids #MagicMoments
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  2. oh wow – what fun. There was a big pile of leaves on our drive to school and every day I would imagine throwing them all around! Such fun!

    1. I have the same problem with puddles on the way to school Nell – especially on the way there and getting the boys to understand that wet shoes would not be so great at the start of the school day.

    1. Thanks Lilinha – Autumn is one of my favourite seasons…mind you -I quite like Spring and Summer which means that poor ol Winter gets left out lol! x

    1. Thanks Kriss – we were just discussing recently with the kids in church what they were better at than grown ups…and playing came up near the top of the list x

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