Puddles = fun

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Such fun in the puddles

Puddles, puddles everywhere and not a drop to drink! Or something along those lines!

Our daily walk to and from school involves me thinking, ‘I have the same conversation every morning about avoiding the puddles and I would have thought by now that the boys have understood this instruction.’

I would imagine the boys thought process on their walk to and from school is the same which is ‘oooh! Puddle! I am sure I can make it over that one today…it looks a big bigger than the last time I jumped over it but I’ll give it a go!’

Different points of view ring a bell? My honest thought process is that on the way to school I would like them to avoid said puddles and on the way home I am not bothered that much if we are going straight home. There is no time like the present and if they want to jump about and experiment with various Physics forces and not realise it – well then all the more the merrier.

There’s nothing that a warm bath, hot chocolate and the good ol’ washing machine that can’t fix the mud and cold (even when you are in your school uniform!). Clothes will come and go but memories last forever!

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27 thoughts on “Puddles = fun”

  1. Spent formative years avoiding puddles (health issues), but Boy making up for it now! Could try reverse psychology…..but with warm baths and hot chocolate afterwards can definitely see their appeal (and not adverse to jumping in them myself).
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    1. The other reason we have to avoid puddles on the way to school is the busses, horses, cars and tractors…they seem to love splashing us as they don’t appear to ‘see’ the puddles! x

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