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secret santa, mumof2, thorntonsSecret Santa (or Santas in the case of our house) finds his or her way into our house every Christmas in some way shape or form and we just love it. In fact, the boys are able to do their own Secret Santa at their school where they get to choose a present, wrap and write their own tags and pop it under the tree and my supportive husband and I have no idea what it is.

The boys also love the fact that they are keeping a secret but one they are allowed to! I sometimes try and trick them into telling me or giving me a clue, but they are wise to my ways and I get my surprise on Christmas morning.

Bearing all this in mind and the excitement around our presents, I was recently asked by one of my favourite treat houses if I would like to select someone for a Secret Santa hamper. I had a few people in mind that I thought truly deserved a lovely surprise delivery to their door but decided on the lovely Kirsty. I browsed the Thorntons website and came up with the chocolates I knew she loved and was told they would be with her in around 7 days.

My heart was pounding with excitement and happiness that I was able to do this and being that it was a SECRET I clearly had to tell someone!! (Isn’t that what secrets are about?). So I rang her husband as I wanted to find out her reaction when they arrived and also make sure that they didn’t send them back (being that they hadn’t ordered any!)

To make it even more undercover…Kirsty was sitting right next to him when he answered the phone and so we spoke in code. I could hear his smile on the other side of the phone as he thought it was a fantastic idea and yes he would be in touch when the eagle had landed.

I don’t know who was more surprised but…I received the following photo the very next day (less than 24 hours!!!) :

thorntons secret santa, mumof2‘Thanks a MILLION for the lovely surprise tonight! Mmmm mmmmm! So lovely! Wow!’ were the words that accompanied it. My heart swelled a bit knowing that something as simple as chocolates brightened someone’s day and was a way of giving something back.

I’ve spoken about the gift of giving before and when I started out with this it was about a special lady who was going to be the receiver of a secret santa. What it ended up being, was that I felt so happy and honoured to be part of it and that her husband was full of excitement waiting for the delivery that we were given a gift too. That is the kind of happiness at being able to give something for nothing.

Thank you Thorntons for making my start to Christmas 2013 so special!

**product supplied by Thorntons for the gift**

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