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Creativity when you least expect it!

Mumof2_glazedcreationsCreating something when you think are are not creative…requires patience!

Once in a blue moon, I sneak off to our local ceramic painting shop and spend a couple  of hours just pottering about painting. Those who know me, know that I don’t consider creativity to be by strong point and I am not a creative person – my brother got the artistic genes.

I usually tend to start off with very simple ideas and then on chatting the the lovely ladies who own the shop, they sort of egg me on to doing something different and they are oh so very patient!


Last week, they let me loose with their special clay type paint. Not only did it test my creativelessness but my patience too in that it needs to stay warm in order to flow nicely. It is supposed to be raised and blobby (I should mention that!) but after a while it stops coming out the bottle and then requires warming in pockets and clearing with pins.




I am pleased to say that it came out almost as I expected it and I for once thought ‘Hmm! not bad’.


I am oh so slowly learning the art of patience – I am some miles off the pace but hopefully in time I will get there.



26 thoughts on “Creativity when you least expect it!”

  1. That’s lovely! I love the idea of sneaking off to do something like that – I assumed it would only happen if you had a couple of arty little girls to take (my nieces used to love it) but that’s never going to happen for me so maybe I’ll just try on my own one day!!
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    1. We have boys Sam – but it would appear they couldn’t understand how I went to paint ceramics without them lol! I find that I am too busy making sure that they don’t knock the water bowl over when we go together – whereas when I go on my own I don’t have anyone else to worry about. Sort of like escapism! I can highly recommend giving it a bash sans kids!

    1. Depending on where you live…what about starting one up? What’s nice about this one is that they let you loan a tub of paints for a week so you can paint at home if you like too. x

    1. Thanks Sara – I tend to find the same thing happened to me …so instead of going out shopping (I am not the world’s biggest shopping fan) – I walked past and then wandered in x

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