What a difference some colour makes!

graveyard, mumof2, funWhat a difference some colour makes!

They say that when you take time to stop and smell the roses, everything finds its perspective (or sometimes the perspective finds you).

Yesterday,  I posted the following Silent Sunday photo (the monochrome one) :

graveyard, mumof2graveyard, mumof2, fun, colour
Well, both these photos were taken on the same day in roughly the same location. If you look closely to the black and white photo, you may just see the headstone in the middle of the thistlesin the bottom right hand quarter.

So apart from the obvious point that the colour makes, what is a sombre place look a lot brighter, interestingly enough, just because this is a graveyard does not a sombre place it make. (forgive the grammatical errors…I am trying to make a point).

Our boys (and many of their friends) have spent loads of happy times playing hide and seek and running about with a squeak and a squeal added for good measure. They are respectful in that they don’t walk all over the graves(and they don’t play if someone is visiting to pay their respects!), but they do use the headstones as hiding aids along with the long grasses, trees and ditches that are on the borders of the church yard.

They have somehow even managed to get many a grown up (young and old) to either help in their searches or assist in the difficulty in finding an easy target or giving a few red herrings.

It’s an absolute joy to watch as they bring it to life and add their own touches of colour.

25 thoughts on “What a difference some colour makes!”

  1. Colour does make such a difference indeed, you go from a dull looking place to the same place full of colour and discriptive life I can just see the kids hiding in my mind popping over from #magicmoments

    1. I love it (and then panic slightly) when a bunch of the kids come and casually mention that they have stopped playing because they have given up finding the one who is well hidden…only to find them hiding in a pew in the church lol!

  2. What an amazing difference colour makes although I think the black/white photo is beautiful. I am sure those who attend the place when your boys are playing smile when they see the innocence and fun that they’re having. Simply loved reading this post #magicmoments

    1. In the beginning I used to apologise for them playing and every response I got was ‘Don’t be silly! It’s lovely to hear the laughter and the church yard sound like there is life in it’ x

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