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Busy Boys Busy Times

busy boys

It’s been a sporting filled week for us and we’ve had very busy boys who just seem to have the energy to match all the things they have had on. It all started last Saturday when they went to their tennis lesson followed by playing loads of football at a school party. Followed by cricket on Sunday morning and another football filled afternoon at another party. This week they have had their various after school clubs but in between there have been some inter-school tournaments and yesterday topped it all off for our eldest son with an Olympics based all day games, followed by multiskills club after school and then a cricket match from 6-8:30pm and he was moaning in between all of this that he wanted to play badmington! I have decided that we are doing nothing much this weekend (apart from tennis and cricket …I don’t think I would have happy boys if they couldn’t go) . I can’t wait for the school holidays for us all to catch up on some chilling and just being. Mind you, with our busy boys that is sometimes hard but their little bodies and minds need to have the time and space to do that. What I do love, is that they recognise it and know that there is at least one day in the holidays where we have a pyjama / duvet day and they watch at least 2 films (sometimes 3!) in one day. They have, in previous holidays, asked for a pj day and…I don’t mind one bit!!
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  1. What a busy week, I’m not surprised you need a pj day. My daughter does tennis in school and is desperate to join a club I think I may have to get her in one for the summer #ActiveFamily
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    1. We tried our first tennis club as a holiday camp and the boys decided that they quite liked it and wanted to carry on. I still think they are a little young for cricket but they are so enthusiastic about it that I go with the flo and make sure they have all their equipment in the right places. Thanks for popping over x

  2. Wow! You do pack a lot in. Reminds me that I need to book some sport sessions for the summer. Love that they just keep on going and, you are right, a couple of days of chilling is a must. #CountryKids
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    1. I have made it no secret that I am pleased as punch it is raining today lol! Told my husband that if there was a sniff of rain today that there is no tennis this morning and pfew! thank goodness for the sniff! Which sports sessons were you thinking of doing? x

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