which mindset are you, mumof2

Which mindset are you?

which mindset are you, mumof2Which mindset are you?

Watching the recent dramatic football game between Brazil and Germany in the Worldcup 2014  (Germany won by 7 -1 in case you hadn’t seen it), led to the question that arose for the following game between Holland and Argentina which was: When Argentina and Holland started their match, were they thinking they were going to win or were they afraid of losing (bearing in mind the backlash the Brazillians had endured from their dramatic game) ?

Harsh. Yes.  But it then got me thinking about how we approach various tasks or goals in life as a person, especially in the technological age we live in. I have helped a few people learn how to do something on their computer and the thought process that strikes me again and again is that they are worried that they will do something wrong instead of just giving it a go.

Now that may be because I haven’t fully understood their anxiety about learning about a piece of equipment that seems very powerful to them or given them the confidence to give it a bash and see what happens. Either way, the idea is that they are sure they will do something wrong is still there at the very start of the journey.

I mean, we could discuss various philisophical thought processes (which would be nice to do one day!) but it kind of more gets me wondering. Brazil never gave up during their match and thankfully scored a goal after trying so hard.

If we start out with the mentality of not wanting to do something wrong instead of approaching a goal with the mindset of succeeding, it must be pretty hard to focus on the doing right than the doing wrong. No?  Was that a bit mumbly jumbly? What I am trying to say, is that if you set out with the fear of losing or doing something wrong, it inhibits the ability to focus on what you need to do in order to succeed.

When you start out with the mindset of aiming to succeed from the beginning means that yes, you may fail a couple of times along the way and hopefully learn a few new tricks whilst you are at it. It may also be that you succeed first time around and hey presto! That’s great!  It’s an easier approach to look at what you need to do in order to get to your goal than worry about what you don’t need to do.

So…the question remains…Which Mindset are You? (or which mindset will you choose in the future?)

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