handle with care, mumof2

Handle with care

handle with care, mumof2

Handle with care!

Our boys seem to have fallen in love with their travel pillows and insist on sleeping with them. I found our youngest one fast asleep with his gazillion toys and his handle with care pillow and it made me stop and think.

We’ve been really busy with loads of outdoor activities and adventures this summer. In fact, that is no change from any standard weekend and whilst I am thinking of it, a standard school week too!

The boys have been at a tennis camp this week, with the youngest going for 45 mins in the morning and the oldest for 3 hours in the afternoon (yes…3 hours and apparently that is still not enough according to him!)

Our youngest son has insisted on staying on to watch the older children for their 3 hours and then afterwards we have had a run around our local heath and flown kites. He is really good at sending his own kite to the skies and then casually lying down on the ground to watch it whilst he is flying it.

But, in all of the action, he has had a cough for a few weeks. Not one that keeps him awake at night but when he does cough it hasn’t sounded brilliant (what cough does!) So, I decided to get it checked out as he had had enough time to get rid of it. I also knew that the doc would listen and say it’s all clear when I know that it really isn’t.

We went to tennis and straight from there to the Docs and sure enough, we were told his chest was clear (surprise surprise as it wasn’t our usual Dr who knows our boys so well) but I had also mentioned that I was concerned about his ears.

Sure enough, the doc  checked one out and it was fine but the other ear was red. Very red. I asked our youngest if his ear was sore at all and he said ‘No’. So we thanked the Doc and went to get the antibiotics.

This is the part where the ‘handle with care’ made me think. Ear infections are pretty sore and so we have been playing tennis, cycling, bouncing, discovering and he hasn’t complained once of his cough nor his ear. He has a super high pain threshold and of course doesn’t want to miss out on anything, yet he clearly must have been feeling under the weather.

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  1. My friends’ boy used to get recurring ear infections, and got to the point where antibiotics weren’t touching them. She read somewhere that onion juice works wonders (peel an onion and put it through a blender, then pass through a sieve to make juice) you pour it into the ear and leave it overnight. Since doing this he has never had another one! #magicmoments
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    1. That sounds like something worth remembering. Our eldest son was permanently on antibiotics for them as he had 23 burst ear drums and our youngest, whilst hasn’t had the perforations, has had a couple of infections. Both of them have had grommets. Thanks for the tip!

    1. He has quite a high pain threshold, which is something I need to be mindful of. He all good now and the full steam ahead shows signs of picking up 😉

    1. Eeek! The ER – sounds like it was pretty bad! The going rate in the UK for being officially referred to an ENT is 6 incidents in 1 year (I think) and then it’s at least a 6-8 week wait before getting the letter for an appointment.x

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