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If you have been keeping an eye on my blog, one of my main mottos is Simple Fun! I love it when our boys find enjoyment or learn something when it doesn’t cost the earth, doesn’t require complicated gadgets and well, they have good ol’ simple fun!

In case you missed those posts :

So, today is no exception. Our local Rotary Club puts on a kite festival every year and we are heading that way today. The boys just love it and what is so great is that the kids (or adults) can take their own kites along and fly them in the field next door, or they have various sections where spectators can take part.

Funny enough, they have a ‘kite war’ event where the object is that 2 kites go up against each other and whoever cuts the other person’s line, wins the war. It inspired the boys (and us) as something different to do when we fly our own kites at home. Now, I think the entertainment value in this is to watch either the supportive husband or I, do the 100m dash across a field of nettles to retrieve the free kite lol!

This year, they are raising money for which is a charity close to many people’s hearts. So whilst we are having simple fun enjoying the kite displays, it is raising money for a super cause!

So, best I hurry up before the boys leave without me!



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  1. We used to play kite war when I was a kid! We would treat the string with broken glass to make it sharp for when it touches the other kite! Its so nice to remember memories like this! I play with so many cousins and now I miss home more =) #countrykids
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