Magic Moments, mumof2, WW! Centenary

Turning to the skies


Magic Moments, mumof2, WW1 Centenary, turning to the skies Turning to the skies!

This week, we seem to have a bit of a turning to the skies theme. If you know our household, it’s a busy one! This holiday we hadn’t planned anything specific as the run up to the end of the school year was a bit manic.

It all started with a last minute trip to IWM Duxford as the weather was superb. Interestingly enough, we went on the Centenary Day for the start of WW1 and there was loads to do. The part I love is that the boys were colouring a picture in front of a Eurofighter Typhoon jet (as you do!) and then we had ice-creams in front of the Lancaster Bomber (again…as you do!) I am hoping in years to come that they will realise how special that is and treasure those memories.

We had also been to the local Kite Festival where we watched the displays to music and the boys flew their own kites too. It’s a great day out and thankfully the wind and weather were kind to everyone.

turning to the skies, mumof2

They also met up with the local fire brigade and got to sit in the fire engine. This was great as the boys were worried earlier in the week when we spotted a large fire across the field from us.

turning to the skies, mumof2, fire, smoke

We had seen (and heard) the fire engine en route and were glad to see the smoke change from black to grey. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it was some farm outbuildings. The fire fighters let the boys put on their helmets and chatted with them when the boyshad asked questions about it and the boys told them that they were glad to see them as they were worried when they saw the smoke across the field.

So, it’s been a week of turning to the skies as they have certainly brought much excitement.

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    1. We were glad too Jenny! What was lovely is that we saw another fire crew at a playground later in the week who also let the kids explore their engine and answer questions and they were just as helpful!

  1. We tried to go to IWM Duxford during the February half term holiday but it was closed because of storm damage. It sounds great and I hope we can go there another time when we’re over that way.

    1. Ah…yes…they had a massive bot of their roof on the hangar with the concorde ripped off with the wind. Same weekend as the barn across the way from our house blew down. I can highly recommend it x

    1. It’s something for all ages to enjoy and I love how the kids (and grown ups) fly their kites in the field alongside to be part of the spectacular

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