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Baking tips : Lamingtons

baking tips, laming tons, mumof2, recipe

Baking tips : Lamingtons

Lamingtons are great for baking with the kids. They provide the art of pulling the ingredients together and then even better is the messy part at the end.

Last year, the boys and I decided to bake my supportive husband’s presents. He loves coconut ice and laming tons (spot the coconut theme!)

I hadn’t made them before as they appear to be of Australian origin,  and haven’t seen them in the shops in the UK. Thankfully we started with the coconut ice and chose green and white for the colours instead of the traditional pink and white.

We then moved on to the infamous Lamingtons and pop by for some hints and tips. They take longer than I had planned as there is a stage where they need to go into the fridge.

My husband loved them and if you have a rainy day where you want to spread the activities…then they are a must. If you only have an hour or so, then probably not!

Happy baking!