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Cycling : New birthday bike

cycling, mumof2, magic moments, countrykidsCycling through Thetford Forest

Cycling is something that just happens in our family. We’re lucky enough to live in a quiet village and have loads of fields surrounding us.

We started both our boys off on the 3 wheeler scooters where you have to lean to turn.  They were then upgraded to a balance bike at age 18 months or so and both of them just loved it.

For their 3rd birthday, they were given a ‘proper’ bike and with only 30 mins of ‘active help’ they were off on their own. No side wheels, no stabilisers. Just a helmut and a high vis jacket.

The bikes admittedly, have been used for more than one owner. We have high pressure washed and changed stickers, along with new lights etc.

The one thing we have felt is that our youngest son deserved a brand new bike for his 6th birthday. Not a hand me down. There are some things that just need to be new sometimes. So, we took him down to our local bike shop and he chose his very own bigger bike…WITH gears!

We also planned to collect it early, as we had my father-in-law over for a visit and wanted him to be part of the collection excitement too.

The very next day, we headed over to Thetford Forsest and had a super day climbing in the trees and then a lovely relaxed time cycling around the forest. Not only did he have to get use to 5 more gears than he had on his old bike, but brakes with his hands as his old bike had pedal brakes.

He did really well and a 5 mile ride on a brand new bike that was slightly on the big side was a walk in the park.


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  1. Wow, that’s impressive! To be riding bikes at such a young age and to ride so far is really good. We don’t cycle anywhere near as much as we should (although my husband cycles to work). My younger son in particular isn’t keen and he desperately needs a new bike (he usually gets his brother’s hand-downs too!).
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  2. That’s a huge amount of mileage for a 6 year old but I bet the new bike and plenty of encouragement was a huge incentive to keep going. Family cycling trips are such good fun I think you are going to be having many more trips coming up. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.
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  3. I think it’s fantastic you all enjoy cyclying as a family! I think somewhere along the way, my children missed the boat with how fun riding bikes can be. As a military family we move so much to such different climates that it’s hard to find a balance betweenn outgrowing bikes and living somewhere they can actually ride them.


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