mumof2 magic moments

Mumof2 Magic Moments : 15 Sept 2014

Mumof2 Magic Moments

Mumof2 Magic Moments

Usually, I already know what I am going to write when it comes to the end of the weekend and I have decided what Magic Moment I am  going to highlight. These past few weeks however have been filled with them and so, I have decided to list them.

♥ Our boys had a little tiff (as brothers do). So the oldest one made a loom band with an apology note to his brother saying he was sorry he was hard on him but it’s because he is older. The younger one then returned the gesture with a loom band and a note saying he hopes his older brother appreciates the loom band. My heart swelled reading both their notes which were left in strategic places so that the other would stumble upon it.

♥ Both boys not only reached the top 100 students world wide in Mathletics (an online maths program), they reached numbers 1 and 5 in the UK and numbers 5 and 11 worldwide. This was by choice during the holidays and I had to drag them away to get them out of of the house.

♥ Our eldest son played in his first tennis tournament and was the runner up. We are so proud of the way he conducted himself. He has also been moved up to the next age group who are a whole head taller than him.

♥ Our youngest son is reading so beautifully and using big words in context.

They have both grown so much during the Summer holidays and we have had many more mumof2 magic moments. I have loved having them at home and really did wish for the holidays to be another 2 weeks. But, I think they were ready to go back to school and do some more growing.

So, in the mean time, I have their little box next to my bed, as a small reminder of how precious they are to us.


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  1. I love what they did with the Loom Bands, what a sweet way to say sorry to each other! Amazing about the mathletics as well, what an achievement for them to have accomplished all by themselves. Dropping in from Magic Moments.
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