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Personalised message from Santa this Christmas

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Personalised message from Santa

Christmas is a time for magic…especially when our boys are at the age where they notice things. Our 6 year old spotted a ‘fake Santa’ (or Father Christmas as he goes by both in our house) the other day as you could see the elastic holding the beard in place which led to many questions around is he real or not.

pnp2013_blogger_ver_santa_14Well, I asked him what he thought as we both know that Father Christmas is busy right up until Christmas Eve. He agreed that he is indeed real and that the real Santa only comes out on Christmas Eve (Pfew!).


Well,  I have devised a cunning plan! Not in the horrible sense of cunning, more like I am excited to keep the magic of Christmas going and have found a tool to help me out!

There is…wait for it….a site that provides personalised video messages from the Big Man himself directly to your computer, mobile or tablet! Now whether that is being naughty or nice will be up to the boys in years to come, but for now, it will help me keep the ruse going.

personalised message from santa

Pure brilliance! I’ve had a play and created my personalised message from Santa. There are various options over and above just adding your child’s name and is pretty user friendly. I have gone for a premium version which allows for a bit more personalisation. There is however a basic video  which is a free personalized Christmas video message offered to parents through Portable North Pole’s mobile app

pnp2013_blogger_hor_video2013_06 Santa / Father Christmas (or his elves) , then put all the information you provide him into his magic machine and voila! knows all he needs to know for the big night of Christmas Eve, you can choose adults too (fancy that!)

I am going to be heading back over to that Portable North Pole website and what’s more, readers or visitors will get a 20% off digital products in the PNP store until the 1st January using the following discount code : BLG20BKP 




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