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I am Kelly and a mum to 2 gorgeous boys (age 8 & 6) and 2 very cute but naughty dogs.

We have 2 Schnoodles (Shnauzer cross Poodles) that are litter sisters and just gone 3 years old. Our family loves being out and about with them, be it riding bikes or just a run about on the cricket field.Mind you, our latest thing at the moment is tennis!

We lived in London for many years and then moved out into the countryside. I used to be a full time working mum for a FTSE100 company (in IT) and after some disastrous au pair encounters, I am now a full time stay at home mum (and blogger and chauffeur and shopper and coffee drinker and…and…and..the list goes on).

Our 2 boys are aged 8 and 6 (and growing a bit too quickly for my liking!). So, I guess that makes me a boymom which I love!

I sometimes review products, be they paid reviews or not, and the opinions I express are honest and my own. I am happy for you to get in touch with me at info@mumof2.com if you have any questions or complete the form below.


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