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Mumof2_5things_badgeThis week’s #5 things from Mumof2 :

  1. My blog has just recently turned 1 and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year and I am still learning the ropes!
  2. I have secretly turned the heating on for longer as it’s suddenly feeling a lot chillier – have no idea how long it will be before my supportive husband clocks on but have a feeling if he does he will leave it be as he mentioned it is a bit chilly.
  3. I love the buzz of learning new things (especially when it takes me an entire day to create something on Mumof2 that looks simple yet has taken a lot of testing and making mistakes but works in the end!)
  4. I love that feeling when you have the first sip of tea or coffee and all is right with the world.
  5. I love the smell of newly cut grass. I could stand and just sniff away and never get enough of the earthy grassiness.

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The recent story of a baby who was attacked by a fox in Londonis just too awful to comprehend and one of the most frightening experiences that reminds us that wild animals do not follow a human protocol of what is right or wrong, they follow their instinct and whichever instinct led this fox to attack, be it hunger or fear,  will always be there. It also brought back the memory of a close encounter in our London home.

It was a warm summer’s evening and our baby son was asleep in his cot with the sash window open about 15 cm at the bottom (sorry I am no good at the inch conversion). I was in the lounge and I heard a comotion in our bathroom and a few seconds later saw a fox running past the lounge window. We had a small alley way between the fence and our house. I ran through to the bathroom and thankfully the bathroom door was closed but on opening the door, I saw the footprints in the bath and the toiletries had been knocked over. The bathroom window had been wide open to help get a breeze through the house and this must have in turn closed the bathroom door.

All sorts of thoughts ran through my head but the main one was ‘what would have happened if the fox had managed to get into our son’s room?’ and then had to stop myself from thinking this as it was not worth thinking about. I wasn’t surprised to hear that other people have had close encounters similar to ours but I did feel so for the baby and their family and hope that they have a speedy recovery. I didn’t allow the windows to be open at the bottom very much for fear of another unwanted visitor.



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We’ve bit the bullet and taken on a small internal building project which is going to apparently last all of 5 weeks (and that can only mean one thing….loads of dust!). We are 2.5 weeks in and thankfully our house is still in tact and so are relations. My supportive husband and I have been sharing/squatting on the boys bedroom floor as there isn’t anywhere else to really sleep in the house.

Our friends warned us about the dust. I mean they REALLY WARNED us to expect a LOT of dust. So the first week, I was very cautious and ensured the dust sheets were up and that there was no way a spec of dust was going to make it out the ‘building section’ whilst the massive wall bashing was taking place. All has gone well and the wall bashing is finished as is the chasing for the electrics along with the sawing.

Our builders have been great. No swearing. Very clean and tidy up after themselves. They even take their shoes off if there is no dust sheet on the floor. Extremly considerate for the boys and our dogs and very patient!!

So – I figured – they have finished the dust making part, we don’t need to worry about said dust sheets any more. Well…I can tell you something else! There is MORE dust now that they are doing small jobs than there ever was with the wall bashing! Today, after cleaning the kitchen, there was a small layer of white dust all over the stove. I wandered upstairs to the ‘building section’ to ask where all the dust was coming from and saw the culprit. A bag of something like wall glue (forgive me – I am not technically up to speed with building words I have to tell you). I could see these fine particles going into the air as the builder was taking a small trowel (yep – learnt a word!) of this fine powder out of the bag to gently mix it with whatever it is he mixes it with.

I have refused to dust for the last 2.5 weeks. REFUSED! The bets are on for how long I actually last for. I can see dust on everything. It’s all for a good cause and being as stubborn as I am known to be I don’t know who is going to win the dust war. Me or the dust!