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Leaves and loads of simple fun – love Autumn

AutumnalFun_mumof2_3, leaves, fun, mumof2Leaves….yes they can be a pain in the neck when it comes to travelling by train or raking up the garden before you can mow the lawn. Yet, they are also so beautiful when they change colour and can provide loads of entertaintment (for free!!!)


AutumnalFun_mumof2, leaves, fun, mumof2

This recent half term holiday, I decided that we were going to stay at home and just be. Iwas happy for the boys to watch tv, play on the wii or whatever took their fancy. The main thing was that we weren’t going to be rushing around in a car going all over the place.

What we did do, was go out for a bike ride or scoot to get some fresh air (and to check on the school chickens). The boys had a blast through any puddles (naturally) but their favourite spot was the point in the road where the leaves gathered.

AutumnalFun_mumof2_2, leaves, fun, mumof2

They figured out that they could do ‘drifting’ on their scooters, hide their scooters under the leaves and best of all – fling leaves at each other!! I loved just watching them and getting the odd bunch of leaves being flung my way in between watching out for cars.

Anyone who drove or walked by, couldn’t help but smile. It was infectious and this is what made if even more special. You could see the memories it was bringing back for them and also just watching children being children.

We went back to this spot at least 3 days running and the boys never seemed to tire of it. What they also loved was me taking photo’s of each of their stunts and then coming back after each one to see their action shots.

So, a great half term and for that reason, the leaves provided our #magicmoment for this week.


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Simple but effective

caterpillar, mumof2, mum of 2This week’s #magicmoment is a short one….I saw this little fella out in the road and he caught my eye.

He has a luminescence about him and has this funny little red feather in his cap along with about 5 sections that are like brushes.

I have no idea what type of a caterpillar he is and hopefully he is ‘one of the good guys’. If anyone is able to identify him – I would love to hear from you.



Family time

Mumof2, mum of 2, autumn, family timeI have previously mentioned how much I love Autumn and this week’s #magicmomentscontinues with the Autumnal theme and family time.

We have been pretty busy this weekemd clearing away the trampoline and putting it in the loft. We can’t keep it out for the winter as there is a field in front of us and so when the winds pick up, our house is the first to get the onslaught. The pigeons also like to roost in the tree above the trampoline and so any random spurt of ‘let’s go on the trampoline’ has to be delayed by at least 15mins clearing all their mess away. And finally – we would end up with a massive block of ice when the snow arrives.

So trampoline in the loft, garden furniture tucked away and covered, grass has been sown in a couple of patches and we did some clearing at school in between.

The parts I absolutely loved in all this were the boys having simple fun. They couldn’t wait to get into the loft. So I helped them up the loft ladder and it was like a treasure chest to them. I even turned the light out (with their permission of course!) so that they could see how dark it is. Although the light in the passage was still on with the loft hatch open.

We gave them rides on the wheel barrow and and they had fun on their bikes in the puddles. They even went so far as exploring and clearing out our friends pond (sorry friends!) but the look of joy on their faces that they had done it was a picture.

After all our jobs had been done – we ordered in a a pizza and watched a movie. Lovely family time.



There’s something special about Autumn

Chestnut, mumof2, mum of 2, magicmoments, autumnI know that for many people, the signs of Autumn are unwelcome. It means that the lovely long Summer days have come to an end and that the long cold nights are on their way.

I have to admit…I love Autumn for a variety of reasons really.

I love…

  • the gorgeous warm colours of yellows, oranges and reds as the leaves change and the sun rise and sun sets can be appreciated through the leaves.
  • picking the blackberries straight from the bush and it makes our bike rides so much more fun for this
  • the boys having loads of fun in the newly formed puddles from the rain and that it’s not too cold for them to enjoy being soaked
  • thinking back over the things we did in the Summer and wondering what next Summer will bring
  • fleeces and jeans! Anyone who knows how I love these 2 items of clothing!! Autumn means it’s perfect weather to wear them again
  • watching people searching for conkers (old and young I might add!)
  • the excitement that Christmas is not too far around the corner

I could go on but will stop at those for now and just carry on enjoying the Autumn whilst it lasts.



Dad! You made it!

tulips_worship_mumof2, dad, mumof2I have been sitting going through all the #magicmoments I would possibly like the share and the one that keeps coming back to me is from Friday evening at our village Harvest Festival.

The children were scheduled to sing a couple of songs in the church service and so there was much excitement in the week leading up to Friday (with a lot of singing in the bath practising their songs – which was lovely!). The boys had also asked if we could go to the Harvest supper after the service – which we thought sounded like a good idea.

Friday morning arrived and I thought it best to let the boys know that their dad would probably miss the church service because of the time he had to leave work but would definitely make the supper. They accepted this and waved him off in the morning with a ‘See you at the Harvest supper Dad!’.

The kids all sang beautifully that evening and it is just pure joy to listen to them all. My supportive husband had managed to hot foot it to the other side of the village after driving back from the train station and made it to the service in time to listen to the kids sing their 2nd song.

Our youngest son clocked him and had the biggest smile on his face. He came running up to him at the end of the service and said ‘Dad you made it!’. My supportive husband said it was so worth the rush and that he was pleased he had got there for the boys.

Most of the times, it’s not the fact the person was late – it’s that they made the effort! The boys didn’t notice that he was late – they noticed that he was there. In this case the effort was so worth it!




The difference one night can make!


spider_webs_mumof2    The old addage of ‘sleep on it’ brought a whole new meaning this past week. One day there were no spider webs and as if by magic overnight there were thousands of them! I am not a huge fan of spiders, nor their webs, but these had a quality that was fairy like about them.


Most of them were perfect and all of them had miniscule drops of dew on them which made them rainbow like at times with these little fairy lights as the sun touched each drop.



No fence post was left unattended and …



in some cases entire bushes had a little silk veil.


For this reason, I am going to let nature speak for my #magicmoment




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