Naughty dogs -

Naughty dogs

I was just thinking this morning that our 18 month old Schnoodles have come a long way from their food stealing ways. I still vividly remember baking cakes for a school function and had put them on the table to protect them from harm, only to discover one of the dogs on said dining table scoffing one of the cakes. Shock horror! Yes! see evidence below.Dog munch from cake, naughty dogs, dogs, mumof2

Sorry…back to thought process of how far they had come.  Well…I then had to remind myself this morning that our dog trainer always says  ‘Remember…dogs are not machines, they will still do things sometimes even if they are the best trained dogs in the world’.

I had gone out and bought some gravy bone treats for the girls(or dogs) and had left the packet on the counter. A couple of hours later, the next thing I hear is a crash and a rustle…yep…you guessed it…all the treats are all over the kitchen floor with 2 little culprits guzzling away as though Christmas arrived in October! Sigh…Keep calm and carry on tidying up the mess.

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