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There’s something about the smell of popcorn that helps to brighten any day. I am a chocolate girl through and through. But when the boys are a bit hungry and late lunch is cooking (today it’s Spaghetti Bolog_use anything up in the veggie tray_naise) then munching on some popcorn helps to keep the hungry moodyness at bay (and lessens the fighting as a result).

I have gone the route of olive oil but the boys said it had a ‘weird’ taste so have gone back to good ol sunflower oil. Strangely enough, I tried making ‘Caramel popcorn’ by adding the sugar to the raw kernals prior to popping. Whilst they had a sweet caramelly flavour – the boys didn’t like this either. Good old fashioned salt at the end seems to win hands down. And the dogs seem to like it too! I have no idea if it is healthy for them but I have to watch when it pops out onto the kitchen floor that they have given it time to cool before they munch on it.

I know this is not a recipe but it counts as a quick snack, that is sort of healthy depending on what you put on it and how much oil you use.

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  1. Hi Kelly! So how much oil do you use?! We then to buy the ready made packs! Great to see you blogging! Such sage advice told through humour! More recipes please! 😉 Xx

  2. Hi Liz!

    I lightly cover the bottom of the pot as it is mainly to ensure the unpopped kernels don’t stick and heat the oil prior to adding the popcorn. Gve it a little shake to coat the kernels and make sure you pop a lid on and hold it down. Once the popping starts you never know where things will go! I still battle with the less is more approach and end up with waaaay more popcorn than planned.

    I by mistake made a lovely chocolately dessert the other evening to use up some cream and pecan nuts so will be sure to post it soon. I am glad you are enjoying mumof2.com

    Kelly x

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