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Sausage Rolls made easy

mumof2.com_sausagerolls, sausage rolls, mumof2If you , like me, prefer the easy road to cooking/baking, then here is a simple recipe to make some delicious sausage rolls.

I had some ready made and rolled puff pastry in the fridge that was near its use by date and some chipolatas in the same stage of their fridge life and didn’t feel like frying or grilling them.

I heard a *gasp* over the airwaves – ready made ready rolled shop bought puff pastry she wrote….yes! If someone else had done the hard work of the kneading and rolling – why not I say!

It was a warm summers day and I figured ‘Why be in the kitchen when I can watch the boys splashing about in the paddling pool giggling away’.

Happy baking!


Tips on baking Lamingtons


Last night – I spent a number of hours with our 2 boys baking away to make presents for my supportive husband’s birthday today. One of the items was Lamingtons – which are a sponge that has been lightly dunked in a thin chocolate icing and then has desiccated coconut sprinkled lightly over it. Delicious if you are a coconut lover – and well if you don’t like coconut then I wouldn’t include it with your cup of tea.

Here are some Lamington Tips that I discovered during the process…