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What’s taken so long to post?

I feel that I should give a form of apology as the last time I wrote on my blog was in the beginning of June. So, apologies if it’s been a while and you have visited and there has been nothing new – I’ve been a little busy and let’s say June 2013 has not been my most favourite month.

But -I am back now and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Kelly x

Learning the ropes

As I start out on my new journey in the world of blogging, I can’t but help feel nervous and a bit anxious as to whether I am doing the right things, at the right times and whether this is something I will be able to sustain over time. Sort of like starting out in the world of becoming a parent.

Just like deciding on whether to have children (or not), I sat and pondered whether I am up for the task of writing (I have never considered myself a writer) and whether my supportive husband would be ok with the idea (thankfully he is!).

Once I made the decision, and unlike the joint decision we made to have children,  in this case my supportive husband was only told after I had secured my domain name, the realisation suddenly hit that I *may* actually need to start working on all the other things that need to be done and research as much as I can before I  start blogging. And yes, this is the same feeling I had after the excitement of falling pregnant. The ”oh wow! What happens next and what do I need to do in order to ensure our baby grows and we do everything in the right way!’ I feel the same way about mumof2.com.

Over the coming weeks, I am sure I will make a few (or a lot) of mistakes and hopefully learn from them. I do hope that you will check back to find out my progress and as my confidence grows that some of my posts will be thought provoking and inspiring.