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One more thing – contact tattoos

I am not sure who else does this, but there is a ritual I perform with our boys before we head out on a train to London (or anywhere else on a train) or go to a fair or gathering of thousands of people. Sounds serious and a bit OCD ish you may think but it’s not THAT bad.

I :

  1. Make a note on a piece of paper with their name, contact numbers and address for each of them and put it in a secure pocket. The boys are shown the paper and see where it is so that if they get lost they know to give it to someone.
  2. ‘Tattoo’ their name and contact numbers with a felt tip pen on their backs should their piece of paper get lost and they know to just show their backs to someone.
  3. Take a photo of them
  4. Drill into them to only hold the hands of the adults they know (mum, dad, uncle, granny etc)

I should probably add this to my earlier post of things I do when out and about with the boys. I am slowly getting to the point of thinking they may be old enough to operate a mobile/cell phone.  Is this overkill? Possibly and I hope that I never have to discover that it is not.

I’d love to hear any other tips you may have.