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flapjacks, mumof2, easy flapjacks

Easy Flapjacks Recipe

flapjacks, mumof2, easy flapjacks

Easy Flapjacks

Flapjacks (or gooey crunchies that are soft is another way of putting them) are delicious. Full stop!

But, not only do they taste delicious, they are an easy way to increase ways of getting our son to have an increase in energy without just filling him up with biscuits and sweets and chocolates!

He is a bit slower than I would like on eating his dinner and whilst he eats it all, he is so busy that he uses up all the goodness. So, I got in touch with a cereal company that we use in South Africa for my gran when she is ill and the only thing that really provides her with the nutrients and is easy to get in her is FutureLife. It can be taken in cereal or milkshake form.

I tried both of these versions with both our boys and they did not take to the texture at all. I even went as far as putting in real ice-cream for the milkshakes and nope…they didn’t like it.

Then I had a small brain wave as they love flapjacks. So, I decided to make a batch and replace some of the oats with the FutureLife cereal as it is packed with protein and energy. I am not fussed about losing some of the vitamins and minerals as I give the boys that in other forms.

Suffice to say, they didn’t notice that their latest flapjacks have hidden goodness in them and it’s a quick and easy snack on the run or just as an energy booster mid morning or mid afternoon.  The combination of the butter (loads of it!), oats and cereal pack a nice punch.

If you would like to check the easy flapjack recipe out…I’d love to hear how you get on or if you need any help. If I am completely honest, I don’t really measure anything out when I make it myself as sometimes I like them sweeter or less gooey or others I prefer them to be crunchy. So play about with the recipe until it suits how you like them.


**I have not been compensated for this post as I have bought the product myself and really think it is great! **