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Thank you! to the gritters/emergency services

Griting lorry / Snow plough
Griting lorry / Snow plough

This gritter has had a snow plough attached to the front and so far I haven’t seen the plough being used but have seen this gritter going tirelessly up and down numerous times a day to try and keep the roads clear. They appear to have done a pretty good job as the road they are on is notorious for being undrivable (sp?) at the hint of snow.

Whilst we are easy to complain when things haven’t been done, I also think it’s worth saying THANK YOU to all the people who are trying to keep our roads clear and also helping whoever is in need of assistance. Their families will no doubt be worried about them or not seen them much since the start of the week when the snow first arrived.

Yes, the United Kingdom does appear to come to a standstill when the rest of the world can have 20 times more snow and life carries on without the bat of an eyelid. I can’t tell you why it is different but it is. What I can say is that I have witnessed people driving with exteme caution and still sliding across the road.