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Hidden Treasures – little gems that are worth more than gold!

Hidden treasures. mumof2. mum of 2

Hidden treasures, those things in life where what looks like rubbish to some has enormous value to someone else. Those little snippets in time when something means so much to someone out there and not many people know what it is.

This week, I have had a couple of those and so I feel very blessed.

  1. Our youngest monkey received his first corn of success this week at school and the look of being very pleased with himself along with trying to hide his happiness was just too cute! I gave him a thumbs up and he was too cool at age 5 to give me a full one – I got a sneaky half a thumb and a wink.
  2. The World Prematurity day 2013 blog posts have had me in complete awe of the strength, determination, patience and above all love that has been shown.
  3. Watching the amazing stories on BBC Children in Need
  4. A friend of mine reminded me that things like cow pats and flies are important and shone a new light on the fact that without those there are loads of ecosystems that wouldn’t survive.

Item number 1 might not be that important to anyone else – but it is to me and I felt so pleased for him. I wouldn’t have come across the beautiful and honest blog posts in item number 2 if there wasn’t a drive to create awareness on babies being born too small, too soon. The heroic efforts of people in number 3 remain under wraps until the big reveal and I just happened to bump into the friend in item 4 and moaned about flies.

I am going to remember to keep an eye and ear out for more of these. Some are easy to find and others require a little looking…but everyone has a hidden treasure or treasures and no they aren’t worth any money!



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