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What a difference some colour makes!

graveyard, mumof2, funWhat a difference some colour makes!

They say that when you take time to stop and smell the roses, everything finds its perspective (or sometimes the perspective finds you).

Yesterday,  I posted the following Silent Sunday photo (the monochrome one) :

graveyard, mumof2graveyard, mumof2, fun, colour
Well, both these photos were taken on the same day in roughly the same location. If you look closely to the black and white photo, you may just see the headstone in the middle of the thistlesin the bottom right hand quarter.

So apart from the obvious point that the colour makes, what is a sombre place look a lot brighter, interestingly enough, just because this is a graveyard does not a sombre place it make. (forgive the grammatical errors…I am trying to make a point).

Our boys (and many of their friends) have spent loads of happy times playing hide and seek and running about with a squeak and a squeal added for good measure. They are respectful in that they don’t walk all over the graves(and they don’t play if someone is visiting to pay their respects!), but they do use the headstones as hiding aids along with the long grasses, trees and ditches that are on the borders of the church yard.

They have somehow even managed to get many a grown up (young and old) to either help in their searches or assist in the difficulty in finding an easy target or giving a few red herrings.

It’s an absolute joy to watch as they bring it to life and add their own touches of colour.

surprise, mumof2


surprise!, splash landings, mumof2

We love a surprise or two in our house (the good kind I might add!) It’s usually something a bit different and is generally around doing something together as a family. Could be playing indoor tennis or going to watch a movie.

This time, we told the boys that we were going away as a surprise. I kind of felt for them as their first question was whether it was to visit family in South Africa. I felt a pang of sadness as I explained that no, it was somewhere in England.

We also told them a week before we were going and try as they might they didn’t have a clue. The youngest even whispered that I could tell him and he wouldn’t tell his older brother, to which I whispered back that I still couldn’t tell!

On Friday morning, we gave them a clue that they were going somewhere that had to do with swimming. Well, we almost needed scuba gear to get there as the rain and the wind on the road was horrendous at times.

scuba diver, duck, bath, mumof2By the time we arrived, it had taken an hour longer that planned but the boys were over the moon when we showed them that we were going to Splash Landings at Alton Towers for the weekend. They have been dying to go on water slides and bless them, they could hardly contain themselves.

They went on every slide possible – even the ones outside in the freezing cold. It was super busy mind, but they still had a whale of a time.

To add to our excitement, we were evacuated at just before 6am on Saturday morning due to the fire alarm going off. The boys were great and whilst scared, complied with all instructions and waited very patiently for the next 2 hours whilst the hotel checked out the problem.

We had such a lovely time and the great thing is that the boys favourite part was the lazy river. Don’t get them wrong – they loved the big blaster slides but kept on going back to the lazy river.  We had loads of happy memory making times this weekend.


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Creativity when you least expect it!

Mumof2_glazedcreationsCreating something when you think are are not creative…requires patience!

Once in a blue moon, I sneak off to our local ceramic painting shop and spend a couple  of hours just pottering about painting. Those who know me, know that I don’t consider creativity to be by strong point and I am not a creative person – my brother got the artistic genes.

I usually tend to start off with very simple ideas and then on chatting the the lovely ladies who own the shop, they sort of egg me on to doing something different and they are oh so very patient!


Last week, they let me loose with their special clay type paint. Not only did it test my creativelessness but my patience too in that it needs to stay warm in order to flow nicely. It is supposed to be raised and blobby (I should mention that!) but after a while it stops coming out the bottle and then requires warming in pockets and clearing with pins.




I am pleased to say that it came out almost as I expected it and I for once thought ‘Hmm! not bad’.


I am oh so slowly learning the art of patience – I am some miles off the pace but hopefully in time I will get there.



Wicken Fen, canal, mumof2

Wicken Fen – a great day out

Wicken Fen, Mumof2, great day outWicken Fen is a National Trust Property in Ely, Cambridgeshire and we just love spending time there with the boys.

Over Christmas time, my parents came over to stay and they love bird watching and my mom has taken up photography and so what better place to spend a non-rainy day. It was windy mind but not raining!

We love the fact that there is always something to see or find. The folks at Wicken Fen always have an activity or search going on and the boys take it very seriously as the promise of a sticker if they spot all the items is not to be under estimated!

Wicken Fen, Windmill, Mumof2There are a couple of watch towers which are super to climb and on arrival is their famous windmill en route to a bird hide. Now I am not suggesting the boys are able to sit quiet for long enough in a bird hide but the excitement of going into one is just too sweet!

On non-muddy days we take a picnic and do massive square, stopping and resting along the way and on colder, wintry days we stick the to boardwalk which means a little less mud (or a whole lot less mud!).

Wicken Fen, canal, mumof2I have only ever once spotted the wild horses and it’s their magic that keeps me on the look out for them time and time again. In the Summer the canals are full of dragon flys and other insects.

Wicken Fen, Mumof2, great day out, National TrustAfter a leisurely stroll, and of course ensuring we have spotted everything on the spot list, we head back to the cafe for a nice warm hot chocolate and to collect the stickers!

Wicken Fen, mumof2, sunsetWe had such a lovely day out in amongst all that rain.


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Puddles = fun

www.mumof2.com - puddles
Such fun in the puddles

Puddles, puddles everywhere and not a drop to drink! Or something along those lines!

Our daily walk to and from school involves me thinking, ‘I have the same conversation every morning about avoiding the puddles and I would have thought by now that the boys have understood this instruction.’

I would imagine the boys thought process on their walk to and from school is the same which is ‘oooh! Puddle! I am sure I can make it over that one today…it looks a big bigger than the last time I jumped over it but I’ll give it a go!’

Different points of view ring a bell? My honest thought process is that on the way to school I would like them to avoid said puddles and on the way home I am not bothered that much if we are going straight home. There is no time like the present and if they want to jump about and experiment with various Physics forces and not realise it – well then all the more the merrier.

There’s nothing that a warm bath, hot chocolate and the good ol’ washing machine that can’t fix the mud and cold (even when you are in your school uniform!). Clothes will come and go but memories last forever!

oliversmadhouse Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall  photo letkidsbekidslogobadge_zps424b7d61.jpg

Hidden Treasures – little gems that are worth more than gold!

Hidden treasures. mumof2. mum of 2

Hidden treasures, those things in life where what looks like rubbish to some has enormous value to someone else. Those little snippets in time when something means so much to someone out there and not many people know what it is.

This week, I have had a couple of those and so I feel very blessed.

  1. Our youngest monkey received his first corn of success this week at school and the look of being very pleased with himself along with trying to hide his happiness was just too cute! I gave him a thumbs up and he was too cool at age 5 to give me a full one – I got a sneaky half a thumb and a wink.
  2. The World Prematurity day 2013 blog posts have had me in complete awe of the strength, determination, patience and above all love that has been shown.
  3. Watching the amazing stories on BBC Children in Need
  4. A friend of mine reminded me that things like cow pats and flies are important and shone a new light on the fact that without those there are loads of ecosystems that wouldn’t survive.

Item number 1 might not be that important to anyone else – but it is to me and I felt so pleased for him. I wouldn’t have come across the beautiful and honest blog posts in item number 2 if there wasn’t a drive to create awareness on babies being born too small, too soon. The heroic efforts of people in number 3 remain under wraps until the big reveal and I just happened to bump into the friend in item 4 and moaned about flies.

I am going to remember to keep an eye and ear out for more of these. Some are easy to find and others require a little looking…but everyone has a hidden treasure or treasures and no they aren’t worth any money!



Super Sunday Sync

Cycling free – as it should be for kids


Cycling. Riding bikes is another way of putting it along with freedom, fun and testing things out, especially for children.

Can I balance?
How about peddling and balancing?
Is this the front brake or back brake?
How fast can I go and when do I start braking so that I stop in time?
How fast can I go before I catch a speed wobble?
Can I self correct and get out of the wobble?
How fast do I need to go so that when I brake, I form a skid mark?
What happens when I brake (or turn!) on stones?

We forget as adults sometime, how we learnt to do things but the boys often remind us of how it must have been. There has to be a starting point and once you have mastered the beginning, the rest sort of fits into place and naturally seems to happen.

One of the best parts of living out in the countryside, is that the boys can generally be free to enjoy testing things out with their bikes. Occasionally, they have to watch out for farm vehicles or large equipment and horses in some cases, but most of the time they can acquire new skills.

Whilst they learn how to do new stuff with either their bodies or bikes, I on the other hand am also learning to do the same and masking my sudden gasps with a cough or turning my body a bit so that they can’t see the concern. Just the other day, our eldest son was trying to ride with no hands. I can VERY clearly remember as a child cycling home from school,  riding with no hands at great speeds down a hill that had a corner and cars. My mom would have had a fit if she had known this! The wind blowing on my face and the freedom of not knowing what could have happened should I have hit a stone…pah!

So, armed with that memory, when asked ‘Do you think I can ride with no hands?’,  I encouraged but also sort of didn’t completely look and by george he did it! ‘Mom!! I did it!’ was the shout of pride I heard – for a second or two but he still did it


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Leaves and loads of simple fun – love Autumn

AutumnalFun_mumof2_3, leaves, fun, mumof2Leaves….yes they can be a pain in the neck when it comes to travelling by train or raking up the garden before you can mow the lawn. Yet, they are also so beautiful when they change colour and can provide loads of entertaintment (for free!!!)


AutumnalFun_mumof2, leaves, fun, mumof2

This recent half term holiday, I decided that we were going to stay at home and just be. Iwas happy for the boys to watch tv, play on the wii or whatever took their fancy. The main thing was that we weren’t going to be rushing around in a car going all over the place.

What we did do, was go out for a bike ride or scoot to get some fresh air (and to check on the school chickens). The boys had a blast through any puddles (naturally) but their favourite spot was the point in the road where the leaves gathered.

AutumnalFun_mumof2_2, leaves, fun, mumof2

They figured out that they could do ‘drifting’ on their scooters, hide their scooters under the leaves and best of all – fling leaves at each other!! I loved just watching them and getting the odd bunch of leaves being flung my way in between watching out for cars.

Anyone who drove or walked by, couldn’t help but smile. It was infectious and this is what made if even more special. You could see the memories it was bringing back for them and also just watching children being children.

We went back to this spot at least 3 days running and the boys never seemed to tire of it. What they also loved was me taking photo’s of each of their stunts and then coming back after each one to see their action shots.

So, a great half term and for that reason, the leaves provided our #magicmoment for this week.


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Simple but effective

caterpillar, mumof2, mum of 2This week’s #magicmoment is a short one….I saw this little fella out in the road and he caught my eye.

He has a luminescence about him and has this funny little red feather in his cap along with about 5 sections that are like brushes.

I have no idea what type of a caterpillar he is and hopefully he is ‘one of the good guys’. If anyone is able to identify him – I would love to hear from you.



Family time

Mumof2, mum of 2, autumn, family timeI have previously mentioned how much I love Autumn and this week’s #magicmomentscontinues with the Autumnal theme and family time.

We have been pretty busy this weekemd clearing away the trampoline and putting it in the loft. We can’t keep it out for the winter as there is a field in front of us and so when the winds pick up, our house is the first to get the onslaught. The pigeons also like to roost in the tree above the trampoline and so any random spurt of ‘let’s go on the trampoline’ has to be delayed by at least 15mins clearing all their mess away. And finally – we would end up with a massive block of ice when the snow arrives.

So trampoline in the loft, garden furniture tucked away and covered, grass has been sown in a couple of patches and we did some clearing at school in between.

The parts I absolutely loved in all this were the boys having simple fun. They couldn’t wait to get into the loft. So I helped them up the loft ladder and it was like a treasure chest to them. I even turned the light out (with their permission of course!) so that they could see how dark it is. Although the light in the passage was still on with the loft hatch open.

We gave them rides on the wheel barrow and and they had fun on their bikes in the puddles. They even went so far as exploring and clearing out our friends pond (sorry friends!) but the look of joy on their faces that they had done it was a picture.

After all our jobs had been done – we ordered in a a pizza and watched a movie. Lovely family time.