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Age Rating for Movies – Houston we have a problem!

Mumof2, movie age rating, age rating for moviesThe Age Rating for Movies system or Film Classifications, ever paid much attention to them? I mean REALLY paid attention to them?

In truth, neither had I until recently. I usually think  Disney film and family friendly go  hand in hand and this is true. I don’t check the rating as they say PG and I think ‘perfect for the boys’. I mean, I trust the age rating for movie system. Or should I say trusted.

Sitting eating popcorn and waiting for the movie to start and there is a written announcement that all trailors are age appropriate or suitable for viewing under the classification of the film we are about to watch. Still sitting there thinking – ah! great! we won’t have to worry too much.


The Harry Hill Movie trailor comes on and has references such as ‘lick your own bum’, ‘no strippergrams on a week night’ and has a scene of chickens using real looking machine guns that are shooting away at Harry Hill!!!!

Now I don’t know about you, but our 7 and 5 year old should not be hearing or seeing things like that. I am sorry! We were there to watch Frozen and I would not put references like those I mention above in a similar category to a family friendly musical movie. Granted, I found parts of frozen a little scary but come on!

As you can tell, I am not overly amused and I don’t find it acceptable for children to be exposed to visuals or references that are inappropriate like strippergrams or licking ones behind!

This morning, I went in search to understand what the British Film Classification references meant and I must say, I am puzzled.

Both Frozen and The Harry Hill Movie are given a PG rating. According to the BBFC :

What sort of themes are passed at PG?

No theme is prohibited at PG, as long as it is treated in a manner appropriate to the category. PG works can explore challenging issues such as domestic violence, bereavement or racism.

In a PG work, illegal or antisocial behaviour, such as bullying, will not be condoned or seen to go unchallenged. Smoking and drinking will not be promoted or glamorised and if child characters are seen smoking or drinking, there should be a clear message that this is bad. If drugs are mentioned or seen, a PG work should emphasise that they are harmful.

It makes no mention of sexual innuendos or references of any kind…and looking at their insight into each of the following films:

Frozen : BBFCInsight Contains mild threat
The Harry Hill Movie : BBFCInsight Contains mild comic violence and threat, mild sex references and innuendo

Am I missing something? I am missing something aren’t I ?

One film which doesn’t contain what they call ‘mild sex references’ is classified as the same as one that does?

Would love to know your thoughts.