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Double Trouble, mumof2

Double Trouble – it was her!

Double Trouble, mumof2Double trouble in our house sometimes comes in the form of our 2 boys but other times, it’s our girls (aka the dogs!)

I am not sure which is worse at times; I seem to learn a lot from the boys to help explain a few things about the girls and vice versa.  The whole buying two of the same toys but they both demand to play with just the one – I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

What I have figured out is when they know they are in trouble.  The dog on the left is pretending life is dandy and that they haven’t done anything to cause suspicion. The dog on the right however, knows when it is a good time to give up the game and just say sorry (sort of!)

So their new nice cosy bed became a heap of pulled cotton and shreds of material. Was I highly irritated that they didn’t approve of their new bed to make it last much longer than a week? Probably.

Do we still love them and those guilty faces? Absolutely! Do we love the fact that they have such different characters? Yes we do! And…Their old bed has been washed and dried now that they are glad to have it back.



Naughty monkeys!

It was her!, naughty, dogs, mumof2
It was her!

Our gals are 2 and I would have thought by now that they were over their naughty puppy ways. So you can imagine my shock/horror when I arrived home with a car full of shopping to the mess above.

My initial reaction was ‘Eeeek! Which one of you did this and who is going to clean it up?’. Followed by ‘I need to get the ice-cream in the freezer’ all whilst those 2 long hairy tails waving madly with excitement.

The reason I have chosen this very messy looking kitchen with 2 cute, but naughty dogs, as my #magicmoment is I then realised just how much fun the girls had been having before I interrupted it.

have a great week!