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Snakes! Get me out of here!!!

boomslang IMG_0085



Have I told you before how much I HATE snakes? Well if I haven’t, now you know. Would you like to know what the snake in the photo is called? Yes? It’s a Boomslang (direct translation is a Tree Snake and is one of the most poisonous snakes in South Africa).

Big deal – someone is holding this one you say…This is a very brave snake man as I like to call him. He comes to the call of help to remove snakes and relocate them to a place where they won’t cause harm to people or come to harm themselves.

The problem is…my parents have another very large and dangerous snake that has decided to live in their garden called a Black Mamba and it is 2.5m long. They are both on the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world and the Black Mamba has not been caught…yet.

So – with having our 2 boys about who are not snake wise and me being completely petrified of any snakes is not helping. I haven’t really told the boys about either snake but I can tell you that I am relieved we are staying somewhere else near the beach where I don’t have to worry about sleeping at night in case a snake decides to make a visit!

I am really grateful to the snake man – there are a few of them in South Africa who risk their lives to relocate them and they are unsung heroes. Both these snakes are not legally allowed to be killed as they are protected species. To them I say THANK YOU!