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cafepod_mumof2, big cup little cup

Review : CafePod Big Cup Little Cup

cafepod_mumof2, big cup little cup

Coffee in our house has become an occasion. We use filtered water to ensure that the famous Nespresso machine (ours is a Magimix) doesn’t get clogged with limescale and that the coffee is ‘pure’.

So, when the Big Cup Little Cup bunch, CaféPod’s sister company, asked whether I liked chocolate (which I love more than coffee!) and asked if I would be happy to try their Nespresso compatible pods that had notes of dark chocolate and chestnut, how could I  resist?

We have never used anything else in our coffee machine other than Nespresso pods (bought direct) and to be honest I was a little nervous as to how our machine would cope. I was half thinking I might have the lights all flashing as if it refused to make the coffee!

cafepod, Big cup Little Cup, mumof2Well, it was quite happy to process the Reindeer Rocket pod! The main difference between the 2 pods is that the one is plastic and the other is aluminium, which in recycling terms is much of a muchness. The numbers to let you know how strong the coffee is correlates too!

Now on to the important bit…how about that coffee? The limited edition seasonal blend that we tried was the Reindeer Rocket.  With the Christmas music in the shops and the boys practising their school nativity play it just seems like a nice choice at this time of the year.

I made an espresso to check the punchiness and for me it was spot on and full bodied with an intense flavour that has a lingeringness (is that a word?!) of chocolate. It was delicious! I can’t wait to have it as a latte tomorrow morning.

The concept of Big Cup (lungo or large) Little Cup (espresso) reminds me somewhat of Big Cook Little Cook and makes sense from CaféPod and it’s always nice to have a change to the standard coffee I usually have to choose from at home.

If you would like to try the Reindeer Rocket for yourselves, CaféPod are giving Mumof2.com reader’s 15% off your first order at www.bigcuplittlecup.com with the discount code MUMOF215

big cup little cup, mumof2What is your favourite flavour and size of coffee?


***DISCLAIMER – I have been provided this product to review. All opinions are honest and my own. ***


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Review : Tea from the Exotic Teapot

tea, exotic tea, exotic teapot, mumof2, review

Tea that packs a punch!

Tea comes in all shapes and forms. Me, I usually go back to my good ol favourite English Breakfast Tea with milk and a sugar.  I have been known to use Green Tea when studying as it keeps me awake all day. Weird, yes but it does the trick.

When the bunch over at The Exotic Teapot suggested I try their Gourmet Tea Bags, I had a think and reckoned that my English Breakfast Tea won’t mind too much if I left it in the cupboard for a bit.

Well…I think it should have minded…a lot! I had a beautiful Steeples Tin delivered that contained 15 silk teabags, each with a different type of tea. What I noticed most, was that the mix of the various tea aromas was the first to hit my senses. So far, the gourmet part was living up to its name and I couldn’t decide which one to go for first.

I then spotted the Rooibos (said Roy-bos or Redbush in English) and,  as I had grown up in South Africa and on Rooibos tea, I reckoned that it would be the best one to start off on. The South Africans are quite protective about it if I am honest.

tea, mumof2, rooibos, review


Exotic Teapot’s Rooibos Tea

It was out of this world. Fact. From the colour of the tea leaves and the infusion of flavour, I have to say, it’s the best Rooibos I have ever had. The little pyramid shaped silk bags pack the flavour and maintain the colour and aroma.

So, if you’re looking for a nifty gift for someone or are a tea lover yourself, head over and check the other products that The Exotic Teapot have to offer. They are a small independent company who design products to provoke a wow! and enhance the tea experience. I can say that they managed a wow! from me!

I am now off to decide if I would like the Raspberry Fruit Infusion or the Rooibos Gingerbread Orange…decisions decisions!

tea, mumof2, review




** I have been provided with this product by The Exotic Teapot. My review is an honest opinion of this product **

Book Review : Make it in a Jar

Make it in a Jar, Book Review, Mumof2, mum of 2

My October Book Buddy book is an interesting one and thank you to the Parragon folk for sending it to me. As you can see it’s called ‘Make it in a Jar‘ and with the winter months coming it would make a great present for Christmas (either the book or making a jar from the recipes in said book!)

Make it in a Jar, Book Buddy, mumof2, mum of 2

I love the insipiration it provides to turn a possibly boring recipe into something more. Take the Rainbow Cakes above – when the boys saw this recipe they couldn’t stop gushing over the bright colours (and what a lovely idea for a kiddy party!).

There are also some lovely gift ideas as in…create a jar with the basic ingredients and pop a pretty ribbon on and give it to a friend with a couple of instructions and voila! A useful (tasty) gift for when they are ready to use.

One or two of the Make in a Jar ideas are a little bit far off for my mind to get around – the salad in a jar being one of them but the concept of using a jar instead of plastic tubs for picnics might be something for the greener minded folks.

Make it in a Jar, Book review, mumof2, mum of 2

So, if you are finding that your baking ideas are the same over and would like some inspiration for something a little different or a gift with a difference that your family and friends might enjoy – I give this a thumbs up on both counts.


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Book Review : Dinosaurs Encyclopedia

Uncovertheprehistoricworld_mumof2, dinosaurs, dinsaurs encyclopedia, mumof2

I recently joined the Parragon Book Buddy review club and as I have a 7 year old who appears to want to know facts and be told a lot of facts, I asked if they could send me a book aimed at older children. I am delighted to say that I was quite pleased when Dinsoaurs Encyclopedia popped through the letter box.

Our boys seem to think I lived in the age of the dinosaurs and well when they see what I survived during that period – it may make them stop and think that perhaps I am a little bit on the young side with 2013 being a few thousand years on 😉

What I like about this encyclopedia is that it’s great for the boys to learn about dinosaurs but also not too simplistic that an adult won’t mind reading with them. It’s packed with facts, diagrams and loads of images. In fact, the diagrams have lovely little details like ‘ Bones with tiny swellings, found in 2007, show that the Velocriaptor definitely had feathers!’ or locations of where species were found.

It does truly bring the prehistoric world to life and is written in a timeline which also helps to put things into context.

Uncovertheprehistoricworldinside_mumof2I also found it quite a tactile book. The photo of the Caudipteryx above has what looks like a crack or fold on the left hand page. I went to feel it and it’s part of the background. There are other pages which have a similar feel and we couldn’t help but run our fingers along them.

We like this book and give it a 2 thumbs up. You can find it on amazon Dinosaur Encyclopedia




Product Review : Lemon Swirl Cheesecake


When Coppenrath & Wiese asked if I wanted to try out one of their Lemon Swirl Cheesecakes I jumped at the opportunity. Never one to say no to cheesecake (well..hardly ever unless I am really ill!), this particular request had me more intrigued than anything as the cheesecake in question is frozen. GASP! yes…frozen.


I did make the mistake on thinking ‘ooh we have cheesecake in the freezer let’s have some’ and then discovering that it needs to be defrosted in order to be enjoyed properly. So, popped it in the fridge overnight and tried it the next evening. There are other options for defrosting, but this was the easiest for us.

There are mixed reviews in our house. My supportive husband liked it. A lot! He reckoned it was lemony (like the box said it was lemon swirl), the biscuit base with crunchy (even after being defrosted) and the part that he loved the most was that it was easier on his weight watchers points than he thought. His portion came to around 5 points when he was expecting 8. He would definitely choose it again.

I, on the other hand, am undecided. I found it to be more lemony than I expected. I liked the crunchy base and that my palate felt clean after eating it. I am a chocolate girl at heart and so decided that I didn’t give it enough of a chance. A couple more bites in and taking my supportive husband’s comments on board – I could see what he meant. But – I think if I were to try another one – I would maybe go for the Chocolate Cheesecake





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Product Review : Mighty Lights from Walkers

mumof2_walkers_mightylights_4, mighty lightThis morning I heard the postman drive into our drive (there’s not escaping anyone who thinks they can sneak up on us as the shingle gives the game away!) and I wasn’t expecting the loud knock on the door for a parcel delivery…well I was but thought it was some shoes I had ordered.  With it being school holidays and taking things a little slower – I raced downstairs to the door to catch him . To my surprise it was ….


mumof2_walkers_mightylights_1a box from the bunch over at Walkers filled with 3 new flavours of ridged crisps. ( I am secretly relieved as I was expecting them at some point and thought there was no ways the shoes could have arrived so early as I only ordered them the evening before!)

And a more perfect timing they couldn’t have been – as we were going on a lovely unplanned walk with some friends and having a picnic half way. So I was even more pleased that I had goodies to add to our lunch boxes.


After enjoying our walk through the woods, we stopped to refuel and as we had a few packs – we shared with our friends and their children and this was our verdict :

  • They all said they were delicious – there was a flavour for everyone (roast chicken, lightly salted, cheese and onion). I never heard any of the children moan that there wasn’t one for them or that they didn’t like them. In fact, one of the mums who usually doesn’t eat crisps was tempted to try them and noted that there was no scrimping on the flavour as they were jam packed with it (and then went to ‘try’ another one, two, three….a whole packet later!)
  • mumof2_walkers_mightylights_5They didn’t find the crisp as harsh on the mouth as it didn’t cut the roof of their mouths. As the Mighty Lights weren’t as hard as ‘normal’ crisps – they didn’t seem to hurt if they went in the wrong way.
  • We would all look to buy them for our children either for snacks after school or to put in their lunch boxes or car journeys. Apart from the fact that they taste great – they are lower in fat than a standard potato crisp. They liked the fact that they were lighter as in they felt lighter in their mouths and were also going to be lighter on the hips (well for the mums at least!). According to our weight watchers app a bag is only 3 points versus the usual 5 points! Bonus!!!
  • I, personally, like the no MSG part. My mum has an MSG (mono sodium glutimate) allergy and her allergic reaction is not fun (for her or anyone witnessing it!). So it’s great to know I can have a snack ready with no wobbles.
  • And finally – the kids loved them!! They gobbled their packet up in minutes and were asking for more!

So – it would appear that Walkers has added another dilemma in our household when we head down the crisp aisle! For some more  info check out the walkers mighty lights website





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Product Review : Hoops and Crosses


There was much excitement in our house recently when a surprise package arrived through our door from the cheeky bunch at Walkers. We have been chosen to honestly review their Hoops and Crosses wholegrain snacks…and so we have!

Our 4 year old’s first word when he had finished eating a cross was ‘Deeeelicious’ and I was kind of like ‘ Hmm…not bad..light…and quite tasty!’ He did say the after taste was a ‘bit burny but he still liked them’.

The 2 of us then immediately went into a game of noughts and crosses which I need more practice at !


as there was only 1 Hoops and Crosses pro today and it was not me!


They are a clear winner in our house and I have a feeling that it will make many a long car journey that much more fun and will await the new argument of ‘he ate my go!’. I like the fact that they are wholegrain and are preservative and artificial colours free. Our boys have wholegrain cereal for breakfast and we generally have wholemeal bread in our house (I see a pattern forming here).



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