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Ranty post. mumof2, mum of 2, storm, grown ups dont know everything

Ranty Post : Life Sentences

Ranty post. mumof2, mum of 2, life sentences

I’ve been overdue a ranty post for a little while now and well what has got my brain in a little tornado this time you ask? (or don’t ask but happen to be reading the words!) The lastest life sentences debate is what has got the fingers tapping away faster than the eyes can see what is on this post!

So…if I heard the news correct, the EU is looking to see whether someone or country has broken some human rights legislation on the imposition of life sentences for criminals who have been convicted of serious offences and been handed a jail term of life.

Now, we all know that jail terms are not generally adhered to and the cynic in me tends to halve whatever sentence is handed down to someone.  Do I like the concept? No. Do I agree with the concept? No. The old addage of do the crime pay the time used to mean what it said. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

So, back to these life term sentences. Apparently, giving someone in their 20’s a life term for the very clearly serious crime they committed is against their human rights as by the time they are 70, their circumstances may have changed. Yes, they have got older and should have thought about what they were doing before they committed the act of murder, rape etc etc.

( I ask the following questions with respect but to make the point I am about to make).

Did they think of the victim’s human rights when they killed them or whatever awful thing they did to the victim? No!

Is the victim’s circumstances going to change in 50 years time? No!

So why should someone who took the right to life away from someone else be afforded the priviledge of being free after being found guilty in a court of law? I don’t get it! I honestly don’t!

Would love to hear your views on this!

Ranty Post : Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Ranty post. mumof2, mum of 2, stormDepending on where you are on the world and how often you hear or read the news, somehow you must have heard that there was a large storm predicted to hit the UK from Sunday night.

Now, I am aware, that some readers will have endured many a hurricane, tornado, monsoon and a few other extreme weather systems and will possibly be thinking ‘Ah yes! Those Brits are overreacting again over a little weather’. And there are the usual jokers out there who make fun of these kinds of situations (fair enough…I can take a joke).

What has really got my back up you ask? Well, it’s the question that is now being asked of various people on the news ‘Did we overreact?’ and were we being ‘too cautious’ ?

You can NEVER be too cautious when, to date, 2 people have lost their lives and 1 is still missing out at sea! And all the individuals who are out there cutting trees, restoring power are doing their jobs in less than favourable conditions. Darn right dangerous conditions in fact if you just look at the RNLI guys out looking for the boy who was swept out to sea!

Honestly! Have some compassion and sense! (sorry the exclaimation marks are coming out!). Weather is not an exact science.  I don’t mean to sound disrespectful to the bunch at the weather office – I am more meaning that they can predict and give an indication of what they think may happen and in this case I think they were pretty spot on. But…if they hadn’t said anything and people weren’t prepared – there would be hell to pay too!

So – thank you to everyone who is out there getting power back, clearing roads/trains/airports and in general helping people who HAVE been affected. We lost power this morning but only for an hour. I thought it would have been for longer and so am extra grateful that it was short lived.

My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones.



Ranty post – smoke

mumof2.com_rantypost_warning, smokeI shall start off before I say anything…..that not all smokers are inconsiderate and that I know a number of them who go out of their way to ensure that their exhalation by-products have as little affect on others as possible.

That said…last night completely irritated me to the point of taking forever to get to sleep. Why is that you ask?

My pillow, duvet, bedroom and ENTIRE house stank of smoke! And wait for it – no member of our household smokes!!! If there is one thing that will send my blood pressure through the roof – it’s smelling cigarette smoke inside our house OR in my car. I can sense cigarette smoke whilst sitting in my car with the windows closed and it can be someone 2 cars away from me that is smoking one. Yes – it’s that bad! I don’t mind being out and about in public places or homes where people smoke because I accept the fact that it will be there. However, in an area where I should be able to control, I don’t.

I have 1 or 2 suspects in mind and can’t figure out which one and the 2nd is not from cigarettes.

The first is our neighbours who are renting a house that is for non-smokers. Whilst they don’t smoke inside, they smoke in the garden. We have on numerous occasions had to close the doors and windows because the smoke drifts into our lounge or through the upstairs windows into the bedrooms. They are smoking outside in the garden you say…and so yes – there is nothing I can do about it (except move which I am not going to do because we own our house and love it!).

The second is bonfire somewhere that has been burning for a couple of days. I don’t mind bonfire smoke as such if it’s for 1 day but a few days running with no let up even at night…that’s a different matter all together.


Rant over…have a great day!


Ranty post : Parental guilt – yes it’s ok to feel it!


They are talking about parental guilt on BBC Breakfast this morning and whilst they were having a discussion they were balancing a mother who is well a ‘normal’ mother and a business woman who is also a mother.

I am all for mother’s supporting one another – I have said this before but…yes the but arrived…I was completely floored when the business woman/mother put an argument forward that she feels no guilt whatsoever for having someone else look after her children and that she can work like a man or just as effectively as she doesn’t have to think about all those things that come with having children (ok the last part of the sentence I added as interpretation).

So – it got my ranty side working as my thought process was :

  • That is a bit of an insult to men (and not just dad’s) that they don’t feel empathy or are completely heartless.
  • Most Men / dad’s also like to spend time with their kids /family and carry an enormous sense of empathy,longing to be with their loved ones, whilst at work.
  • If feeling guilt ‘creates a glass ceiling’ for working parents – well then this world is turning into some cold place
  • She also gave an example of when she went to her own children and said that she had a sore throat, that they turned and said ‘get a grip’ and showed no sympathy – whatsoever. Apparently she is proud of them as that is what she does to them. Erm – aren’t we supposed to show our children how to care?
  • I also thought ‘well done!’ to the mom on the breakfast sofa who stood up for herself and said that she wouldn’t want to be heartless or selfish as when her children said ‘Mom – I would have loved you to have been there for my exam’ – she said she wished she could have.

I know that I loved working and having our boys and it was a tricky balancing act to keep going all the time. I think each family and parenting unit do what is best for them as a unit but I completely disagree with the fact that feeling any sense of guilt, when it comes to bringing up children, is something you don’t feel. This to me is a HUGE fib.

Sorry – rant over – I may even write another follow up on this it has made me so mad.