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The art of not sitting down

relaxing chair

Ah…the scene with the relaxing chairs is how you feel when you have had a busy day or few hours and think ‘I’lll just make a cup of tea/coffee and sit down for a couple of minutes’ only to be shattered by the hear of ‘Mooooooooom!’ just as you are about to sit your posterior down on the comfy chair.

I love our boys to bits, but somehow (and I think my supportive husband knows the answer to this)…somehow, they know the precise moment when you are about to sit down and they aren’t in the room!

I say my supportive husband knows this as apparently I do the very same thing to him hahaha! Karma hey! Now that I realise my ways – I will try and catch him before I see him moving towards a chair but am still not 100% on my timing to stop him from starting to sit down before I ask him to do another chore or help with something. He is very patient and secretly knows that the boys have probably learnt their art of not letting me sit down from me!

More importantly, is that mentally, I have thought as I make my cup of coffee that the boys are settled doing whatever is keeping them busy that I shall be able to enjoy it whilst it is still hot! Oh well…it won’t be long before I can get them to make it for me!