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Make Christmas Magic! Santa’s Personal Message direct from the North Pole

PNP North Pole

Santa (or Father Christmas as he goes by both in our house – he’s been upgraded from Farmer Christmas in recent years) brings both magic and pleasure in the run up to Christmas and of course Christmas day.

pnp2013_blogger_ver_santa_14He knows if the boys have been naughty or nice and every once in a while, I remind them of this very fact.


Well, this year I have devised a cunning plan! So cunning that I had to test it out for myself and in a very nodding-my-head-hrmf-pulls-funny-smile pleased kind of way think by George I’ve got it!!!!!! (requires more ! but you get the message as to how clever I think I am being).


There is…wait for it….a site that provides personalised video messages from the Big Man himself directly to your computer, mobile or tablet! (stands back and waits for the surprise gasp reaction! I know! nods head again)


Pure brilliance! I had a play and there are various options over and above just adding your child’s name, like whether they are pure angel nice, naughty and nice or naughty along with things they may have asked for or that they need to work on to get onto the nice list.

pnp2013_blogger_hor_video2013_06 Santa / Father Christmas, then puts all the information you provide him into his magic reading machine and voila! knows all he needs to know for the big night of Christmas Eve. It’s of course up to you as to when decide to reveal which part of the list your nominee falls into and this of course is not just for kids! In my noseying about and testing, you can choose adults too (fancy that!)

I am definitely heading back over to that Portable North Pole website and what’s more, Mumof2.com readers or visitors will get a 20% off digital products in the PNP store until the 1st January using the following discount code : BLG20BKP (not bad I reckon!) Happy video message making!




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