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Simple Fun with Kites

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If you have been keeping an eye on my blog, one of my main mottos is Simple Fun! I love it when our boys find enjoyment or learn something when it doesn’t cost the earth, doesn’t require complicated gadgets and well, they have good ol’ simple fun!

In case you missed those posts :

So, today is no exception. Our local Rotary Club puts on a kite festival every year and we are heading that way today. The boys just love it and what is so great is that the kids (or adults) can take their own kites along and fly them in the field next door, or they have various sections where spectators can take part.

Funny enough, they have a ‘kite war’ event where the object is that 2 kites go up against each other and whoever cuts the other person’s line, wins the war. It inspired the boys (and us) as something different to do when we fly our own kites at home. Now, I think the entertainment value in this is to watch either the supportive husband or I, do the 100m dash across a field of nettles to retrieve the free kite lol!

This year, they are raising money for  http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org which is a charity close to many people’s hearts. So whilst we are having simple fun enjoying the kite displays, it is raising money for a super cause!

So, best I hurry up before the boys leave without me!



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Family time

Mumof2, mum of 2, autumn, family timeI have previously mentioned how much I love Autumn and this week’s #magicmomentscontinues with the Autumnal theme and family time.

We have been pretty busy this weekemd clearing away the trampoline and putting it in the loft. We can’t keep it out for the winter as there is a field in front of us and so when the winds pick up, our house is the first to get the onslaught. The pigeons also like to roost in the tree above the trampoline and so any random spurt of ‘let’s go on the trampoline’ has to be delayed by at least 15mins clearing all their mess away. And finally – we would end up with a massive block of ice when the snow arrives.

So trampoline in the loft, garden furniture tucked away and covered, grass has been sown in a couple of patches and we did some clearing at school in between.

The parts I absolutely loved in all this were the boys having simple fun. They couldn’t wait to get into the loft. So I helped them up the loft ladder and it was like a treasure chest to them. I even turned the light out (with their permission of course!) so that they could see how dark it is. Although the light in the passage was still on with the loft hatch open.

We gave them rides on the wheel barrow and and they had fun on their bikes in the puddles. They even went so far as exploring and clearing out our friends pond (sorry friends!) but the look of joy on their faces that they had done it was a picture.

After all our jobs had been done – we ordered in a a pizza and watched a movie. Lovely family time.



Special Times

mumof2_boys, special times


I love those moments in time when I sit and watch the boys having fun with their dad and it’s times like that when I think my heart might explode.

Dads just seem to have such a different way of playing and making fun and it’s lovely to be a spectator. I often catch the boys having a game of ‘throw the paper ball into the coal bin’ or in the case above ‘throwing the pebble into the sea’. Along the way they modify the games and fine tune to ‘throw the pebble to hit the middle of the wave’ and it’s hours of fun doing just that.

And so for those reasons – this is my #magicmoments for this week



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The simple things

The boys waiting to see whose stick came out first, simple fun, mumof2
The boys waiting to see whose stick came out first

I am not a creative person and wish I could be more imaginative yet I love how there are so many simple things do to that don’t require much more than a little imagination and effort.

Our boys love :

  • Playing pooh sticks (the game from Winnie the Pooh) where you race twigs/sticks on a stream, river,canal
  • Climbing trees when we find some on walks that are easy for them to climb
  • Collecting sticks (yes random I know) – I have had to relegate their stick collection to the garage or garden. We’re still trying to figure out if they can ‘regrow’ their sticks on trees by throwing them back into the tree…
  • Flying kites or kite wars. Kite wars is not my favourite of the two as it usually means me running over and trying to stop the kite line from being cut by the warring kites
  • Riding their bikes/scooters
  • Playing marbles
  • Running up and down our passage way and sliding near the end (it’s a boy thing!)
  • Playing hide and seek (in and out the house)
  • Puddle jumping
  • Waving at trains (they could do this for hours…not sure if I have train spotters in the making)

The list goes on – but it’s lovely to see that so many simple things provide so much pleasure and at times it’s hours. And so what if they get a bit muddy – there’s nothing that a nice warm bath and a cup of hot chocolate won’t fix.