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Ranty post – smoke

mumof2.com_rantypost_warning, smokeI shall start off before I say anything…..that not all smokers are inconsiderate and that I know a number of them who go out of their way to ensure that their exhalation by-products have as little affect on others as possible.

That said…last night completely irritated me to the point of taking forever to get to sleep. Why is that you ask?

My pillow, duvet, bedroom and ENTIRE house stank of smoke! And wait for it – no member of our household smokes!!! If there is one thing that will send my blood pressure through the roof – it’s smelling cigarette smoke inside our house OR in my car. I can sense cigarette smoke whilst sitting in my car with the windows closed and it can be someone 2 cars away from me that is smoking one. Yes – it’s that bad! I don’t mind being out and about in public places or homes where people smoke because I accept the fact that it will be there. However, in an area where I should be able to control, I don’t.

I have 1 or 2 suspects in mind and can’t figure out which one and the 2nd is not from cigarettes.

The first is our neighbours who are renting a house that is for non-smokers. Whilst they don’t smoke inside, they smoke in the garden. We have on numerous occasions had to close the doors and windows because the smoke drifts into our lounge or through the upstairs windows into the bedrooms. They are smoking outside in the garden you say…and so yes – there is nothing I can do about it (except move which I am not going to do because we own our house and love it!).

The second is bonfire somewhere that has been burning for a couple of days. I don’t mind bonfire smoke as such if it’s for 1 day but a few days running with no let up even at night…that’s a different matter all together.


Rant over…have a great day!