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The difference one night can make!


spider_webs_mumof2    The old addage of ‘sleep on it’ brought a whole new meaning this past week. One day there were no spider webs and as if by magic overnight there were thousands of them! I am not a huge fan of spiders, nor their webs, but these had a quality that was fairy like about them.


Most of them were perfect and all of them had miniscule drops of dew on them which made them rainbow like at times with these little fairy lights as the sun touched each drop.



No fence post was left unattended and …



in some cases entire bushes had a little silk veil.


For this reason, I am going to let nature speak for my #magicmoment




Also joining up with #Somethingfortheweekend from http://thevoiceofsarahmiles.com/ and http://diaryofthedad.co.uk