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Spring has finally sprung


Spring is in the air and this household is definitely enjoying its benefits!!! It’s been a bit of a dramatic winter, weatherwise, and whilst we didn’t have any snow this time around, the vast quantities of rain certainly made up for the lack thereof.

2 Springs ago we had water shortages and farmers were desparately trying to get their crops growing with many a track looking like this…


Yes…I didn’t think the tractor could have made it through that section very easily looking at the depth of the track. Only for this Spring to still be looking like someone was telling fibs..


and to add 4 hail storms, some very sleety snow and lightening bolts added in the mix!

The boys have had loads of fun in the puddles and the streams (don’t get me wrong!) but I think they are ready for some dry land fun. It’s hard to play on our local green when your feet are just squelching in the mud and your wellies are being sucked off your feet as you try to walk. It’s fun in the beginning but they are a bit over that fun now.

They have been loving spotting the bulbs coming up and we are slowing (very slowly) learning that a daffodil is NOT, I repeat NOT, a daisy or a buttercup.


The willow by one of our village ponds is looking splendid as the sun catches it and the fields of bright yellow are thankfully appearing.


So, there’s a lot to look forward to these Easter school holidays and fingers crossed…the sunshine hangs around a bit longer.

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